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EPICon 2003    

EPICon 2003

Why should anyone attend EPICon? Well let's see ... promote our books, the wonderful opportunity to meet dozens of authors and publishers, a rare appearance by Piers Anthony, gorgeous city with perfect weather, great hotel, book-signing party, boat rides, ice cream, over 100 beautiful women and a handful of men. What's not to like? :-)

Here are the pictures that Mundania Press took while attending EPICon 2003. If you want a larger size of any picture, send the picture number to webmaster an e-mail and we'll return the larger picture as soon as possible. We did our best to remove red eyes and any other demonic features without losing too much of the group's beauty :-)

If you don't have a picture here, it is not because we left it out. We chased around trying to snap everyone but the reception was pretty hectic, so we must have missed you. Maybe next year...

Also we would like help identifying everyone. So if you could also send along names to go with the pictures we can update this page with everyone's name, just refer to the picture number. We've named a few people and if we got someone wrong, please let us know.

EPIC Prez Dusty Rhodes (#1)

Stacy L. King and friend (#2)

Bob Sanders (CEO of Mundania Press) and Linda Bleser (#3)

EPIC VP & Webmaster Daniel Reitz (Mundania Press) and Linda Bleser (#4)

Jennifer Dunne (#5)

Jennifer Dunne with her Eppie (#5)

KeyNote Speaker Piers Anthony (#6)

Piers Anthony on panel (#8)

Piers Anthony receives award and Ginny McBlain (#9)

Piers Anthony and Ginny McBlain (#10)

Piers Anthony with his 'Friend of EPIC' Award (#11)

Jeff and Janice Strand (#12)

??, Terri Schaefer, and Elise Dee Beraru (#13)

Juliet Waldron (#14)

Juliet Waldron (#15)

?? (#16)

Lawrence Crossett (winner of the EPPIE for best Horror) (#17)

Cheryl Clark aka Cheryl Norman (#18)

Cheryl Clark aka Cheryl Norman (#19)

Janet Brown receiving the EPPIE for best thriller (#20)

Michele Bardsley (#21)

Keynote Speaker Audience (#22)

Piers Anthony, Jane Friedman (Writer's Digest), and Elise Dee Beraru (#23)

Piers Anthony and Jane Friedman (Writer's Digest) (#24)

Helen Haddad and Michelle Bardsley (#25)

Janet Lane Walters and Jane Toombs (#26)

Jennifer Dunne (#27)

Linnea Sinclair (#28)

Jennifer Dunne and Jane Toombs (#29)

Janice Strand (#30)

Linnea Sinclair and her hubby with Moni Draper (#31)

Jane Bierce (in white on left), Ginny McBlain (in blue), Polly Bolack, and Eloise Benson (on right) (#32)

Linda Zimmer, Carol Guy, Lee Emory (publisher of Treble Heart Books) Marilyn Merideth, and Linda Bleser (#33)

Betty K (#34)

Linda Slater, Janet Lane Walters, Jane Toombs, and Madris DePasture (#35)

Jennifer Martin (Ellora's Cave) and ?? (#36)

Linda Eberharter (Publisher of Liquid Silver Books), and daughter (#37)

Piers Anthony, Marilyn Meredith, Hap Meredith, and Gay Kinman Totl (#38)

Irene Estep, Helen Haddad, and Grace Kone (#39)

Kathryn Sullivan (standing), Tony Ruggerio and his daughter (#40)

Lauralee Bliss and Linda McLaughlin (#41)

Cheryl Clark, Deborah Kinnard, Susan R. Sweet, and Judy Leigh Peters (#42)

Michele Bardsley, Jennifer Dunne, and Elaine Corvidae (#43)

Stacy Hardin and Heather Wilson (#44)

Juliet Waldron and John Gorman (#45)

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