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EPPIES 2002    


The awards were presented on March 16, 2002 at the EPICon 2002 gala banquet in Seattle, Washington.


  • **WINNER** Rogues Together by Edward M. Turner (EBooksOnThe.Net)
  • The Once And Future Queen by Marilynn Byerly (DiskUs Publishing)
  • The Impi Speaks by Rob Hepple (Puff Adder Books)
  • Secret Ties by S.J. Graves (1stBooks)
  • Monero by James Bailey (Wordbeams)


  • **WINNER** Blood, Threat & Fears by Robert L. Iles, Christine Spindler, Elizabeth Dearl & Dan Sontup (Avid Press)
  • Lovey Dovey Romance Anthology by Wordbeams Authors (Wordbeams)
  • Erotic Dreams And Satin Sheets by Maria Osborne Perry (Dead End Street Publications)
  • Malicious Intent by Elizabeth Dearl (DiskUs Publishing)
  • A Kind of Justice by Judith Parker (Hard Shell Word Factory)


  • **WINNER** The Mystery Of The Octagon House by Gay Toltl Kinman (RFI West)
  • The Kosher Kimono by Carla Mishek & Margo Sorenson (SeeSpotBooks)
  • Bubble Mud And Other Poems by Heather Grace (Electric eBook Publishing)
  • Mr. Snapper’s Snappy Day by Linda Stephenson (Puff Adder Books)
  • The Ghost Of Willow Hill by Rosa M. Turner


  • **WINNER** Cowboy In My Pocket by Kate Douglas (Hard Shell Word Factory)
  • Unfinished Dreams by Pamela Johnson (Echelon Press)
  • Rawhide and Lace by Sandi Haddad (RFI West)
  • Bear Hugs by Ginny McBlain (Hard Shell Word Factory)
  • Winning Chance by Betty Jo Schuler (Wordbeams)


  • **WINNER** Shadow In Starlight by Shannah Biondine (LTD Books)
  • Lady In Waiting by Sarah Gross (RFI West)
  • The Raphael Experience by Alan McGregor (Awe-Struck E-Books)
  • Witch’s Journey by Karen McCullough (Dreams Unlimited)
  • A Host Of Ghosts by Jim Gilbert (Zander eBooks)


  • **WINNER** Winter’s Orphans by Elaine Corvidae (NovelBooks, Inc.)
  • **WINNER** The Crystal Throne by Kathryn Sullivan (RFI West)
  • Too Young A King by Ellen Anthony (Wordbeams)
  • The Jacob Theory by Bonnie Mercure (NovelBooks, Inc.)
  • The Thoughtmaster’s Conduit by Kerry Orchard (New Concepts Publishing)


Presented to honor an individual, nominated and voted on by the membership, for exemplary service to the organization.

  • **WINNER** Linda Slater -- a founding member of EPIC who has been the EPPIES coordinator since the award's inception.


Presented to an individual outside of the organization for his or her dedication to electronic publishing.

  • **WINNER** Kathryn Falk -- Publisher of Romantic Times Magazine, for her continued support of the e-book format


  • **WINNER** Treason by Meredith Whitford (Jacobyte Books)
  • Belaset’s Daughter by Feona J. Hamilton (Boson Books)
  • The Burnt District by Ellen Gray Massey (Hard Shell Word Factory)
  • Fire Lilies by Cynthia Leal Massey (CrossroadsPub)
  • Through Golden Light by A.A. Aguirre (Virtual Bookworm)


  • **WINNER** Dakota Dawn by Marion Marshall (New Concepts Publishing)
  • A Whisper Of Rosemary by Colleen Gleason (Avid Press)
  • The Quest For Gillian’s Heart by Catherine Snodgrass (LTD Books)
  • The Wishing Tree by Catherine Snodgrass (RFI West)
  • My Rebel Belle by Pamela Cummings (RFI West)


  • **WINNER** Borderland by W.J. Calabrese (Wings ePress, Inc.)
  • **WINNER** Fate by Robert Arthur Smith (NovelBooks, Inc.)
  • Nobody Told The Wind by T.K. Sheils (LTD Books)
  • Night Terrors by Drew Williams (Wordbeams)
  • Uluru Dreaming by Martin Kerrigan (Century 21)


  • **WINNER** Sea Of Hope by Penelope Marzec (Awe-Struck E-Books)
  • The Viscount’s Journey by JoAnne McCraw (Awe-Struck E-Books)
  • Last Act Of Grace by Whitney Eden (MountainView Publishing)
  • To Keep A Promise by Terry W. Burns (The Fiction Works)
  • To Live Again by Lauralee Bliss (Writers Exchange E-Publishing)


  • **WINNER** Twice Dead by Elizabeth Dearl (Avid Press)
  • **WINNER** Buried In Baltimore by Louise Titchener (Hard Shell Word Factory)
  • Faces Of Fear by Christine Spindler (Avid Press)
  • Night Sounds by Beth Anderson (Atlantic Bridge Publishing)
  • Close To Home by T.A. Stone (CrossroadsPub)


  • **WINNER** Become A Romance Writer by Lori Soard (Fabjob.com)
  • How To Get Free Books (And Possibly Get Paid) As A Book Reviewer by Deborah Bouziden (Intellectua.com)
  • Jump Start Your Writing Career With Electronic Publishers by S. Joan Popek (Atlantic Bridge Publishing)
  • The Writer's 12 Step Inspirational Program by Michele Bardsley & Sue Charnley (Self-Published)
  • Personally Speaking by Dr. Bob Rich (Anina's Book Company)


  • **WINNER** The Price Of Freedom by Alexander (Sandor) V. Domokos & Rita Toews (CrossroadsPub)
  • Generations Lost by Timothy W. Quinnan (Puff Adder Books)
  • Birds Of The Air by Diana Tabbaa (Wordbeams)
  • Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom by Linda Pendleton (Mystic Ink)
  • Enlightenment For Beginners by Graham R. Irwin (CityScape Books)


  • **WINNER** Murder by David Halliday (Wordbeams)
  • Language Of My Heart by Deborah Milton (MountainView Publishing)
  • To John Donne & Other Poetic Letters by Joel L. Young (SynergEbooks)
  • Soul Bleeds The Dark Poetry & Other Wanderings by K. S. Wiesner (Atlantic Bridge Publishing)


Determined by a membership vote.

  • **WINNER** Cowboy In My Pocket, cover by Kate Moore (Hard Shell Word Factory)
  • A Collection of Echoes, cover by Mike Noel (Self-Published)
  • Dark Angel, cover by Nick Krueger (Double Dragon eBooks)
  • Dreamtime, cover by Terri Branson and Janet Whipple (Dragonfly Publishing)
  • Full Moon Honeymoon, cover by Pam Ripling (Wings ePress, Inc.)
  • Immoral Authority, cover by Stacey L. King (Echelon Press)
  • Knyght & O'Day, cover by Ariana Overton (Atlantic Bridge Publishing)
  • Night Terrors, cover by Cathi Gerhard (Wordbeams)
  • Prophecy Be Damned, cover by Ariana Overton (Atlantic Bridge Publishing)
  • Wolfsong, cover by Rickey Mallory (Awe-Struck E-Books)


  • **WINNER** Siren’s Song by Kimberly Grey (LTD Books)
  • **WINNER** Midnight Intentions by Michele Bardsley (Self-Published)
  • Someone To Watch Over Me by Linda Hope Lee (New Concepts Publishing)
  • Sky Dancer by Kathleen Wells (Treble Heart Books)
  • Illusions by Gini Wilson (RFI West)


  • **WINNER** MotherShip by Tony Chandler (SynergEbooks)
  • Looking Glass by Max & Ariana Overton (Atlantic Bridge Publishing)
  • With Shadow And Thunder by Stefan Vucak (Awe-Struck E-Books)
  • The Price Of The Samaritan by Ellen Anthony (DiskUs Publishing)
  • The Hidden Truth Of Cytechâs Randall Forty by Vickie Kennedy (Zander Ebooks)


  • **WINNER** Cousin Feely by J.B. Jones (Double Dragon)
  • Hearts Of The Morning Calm by Galen Kindley (Avid Press)
  • Rush To Glory by Robert L. Hecker (Double-Dragon eBooks)
  • First Love by Karen Wiesner (Hard Shell Word Factory)
  • The House In The Steeple by Jane Hollingsworth (Wings ePress)


  • **WINNER** For Honor by Y. L. Harris (New Concepts Publishing)
  • Single White Psychopath Seeks Same by Jeff Strand (Wordbeams)
  • The Summerland by T.L. Schaefer (Atlantic Bridge Publishing)
  • The Hour Before Dawn by Patricia Rasey (RFI West)
  • Vigilante Justice by Michael LaRocca (Hard Shell Word Factory)


  • **WINNER** Ride A Cold Wind by Judith R. Parker (E-Pub2000)
  • **WINNER** Man Hunter by Dusty Rhodes (Self-Published)
  • Wolf Winter by Patricia L. White (Writers-Exchange E-Publishing)
  • The Red River Ring by Randy D. Smith (Boson Books)
  • Rocking Horse West by Paul Dueweke (Self-Published)


  • **WINNER** A Star For Courage by Elizabeth C. Main (Hard Shell Word Factory)
  • Lonely Heart by Karin Story (RFI West)
  • The Return by Lynne Hansen (Hard Shell Word Factory)
  • The Empty Cage by Nancy Coffelt (SeeSpotBooks)
  • Camper Of The Year by Ann Herrick (DiskUs Publishing)

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