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EPPIES 2004    

Announcing the

The Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) is proud to announce the finalists for the fifth annual EPPIE Awards. These awards, which honor the finest electronically published books of the year, were presented on saturday, March 13, 2004 in Oklahoma City at the EPPIE Banquet during EPICon 2004.

"For an e-author, no other award is more sought after or carries more prestige than the EPPIE," said EPIC president Dusty Rhodes. "It is the ultimate recognition by one's peers for outstanding achievement in the electronic publishing industry. And as the e-publishing industry grows and continues to gain recognition, so will the EPPIE."

"Once again we've topped the number of entries from the previous year," said Betty Kasischke, who has been the contest coordinator since its inception. "The awards are growing more and more popular, and the quality of the entries just keeps getting better. Our judges had some amazingly difficult decisions to make."

Awards are given in twenty-one categories. In addition, each year EPIC presents the Quasar Awards for superior achievement in cover art, along with the newly renamed Patricia White Service Award to one individual who has made an extraordinary contribution to EPIC.

And the 2004 EPPIE goes to...


  • **WINNER** The Mayan Glyph By Larry Baxter—Amber Quill Press

  • M.P. By John Schembra—Writers Exchange
  • The Best Defense By Todd Stone—Novel Books, Inc.


  • **WINNER** Cosmic Sculpture By Terri Branson—Dragonfly Publishing

  • Agents & Adepts By Kathryn Sullivan—Amber Quill Press
  • Cupid's Capers By Linda Bleser, Leta Nolan Childers, Elizabeth Delisi, Kathleen Culligan Techler—DiskUs Publishing
  • Holiday Hearts II By Linda Bleser, Leta Nolan Childers, Elizabeth Delisi, Kathleen Culligan Techler—DiskUs Publishing
  • Leaps Of Faith Edited by Karina L. Fabian and Robert A. Fabian—FrancisIsidore Electronic Press
    • High Hopes for the Dead - Alex Lobdell
    • The Smile - Greg Beatty
    • Comprehending it Not - Cherith Baldry
    • Moses Disposes - Frank C. Gunderloy, Jr.
    • The Faith Equation - Peter Bell
    • Tampering with God's Time - Karina L. Fabian
    • Quantum Express - Vincent Malzahn
    • God's Gift - Greg Beatty
    • The Relics of Venice - Leslie Brown
    • The Convert - Susanne Marie Knight
    • Lost in the Translation - Michael Martone
    • Leap of Faith - Robert and Karina Fabian
    • Sometimes We Lie - Barton Levenson
    • Confirmation - Michael S. Poteet
    • Lost Rythar - Colleen Drippe'
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night By Cheyenne McCray, Stephanie Burke, Myln Hurn
  • Mystic Visions By Myra Nour, Sahara Kelly, Ann Jacobs—Ellora's Cave
  • Twilight Crossings By Jeanne Allen, Jeanine Berry, Shannah Biondine, Sheri McGathy—Double Dragon Publishing


  • **WINNER** My Sister, The Ghost #1 Twin Again by Linda Joy Singleton—Wings ePress

  • Blue Paint by Liam Maher—Writers Exchange
  • Christmas Stars by Rita Toews—Books Unbound
  • Cody Knows by Karen Wiesner—Writers Exchange


  • **WINNER** Summer Heat by J.A. Clarke—Wings ePress

  • American Beauty by Ashley Ladd—Ellora's Cave
  • A Fine Work of Art by Shelby Reed—Ellora's Cave
  • Holly in the Morning by Micqui Miller—Wings ePress
  • Rainbow Valley by Barbara Clark—Wings ePress
  • Shipwrecked by Elaine Hopper—Awe-Struck E-Books
  • A Year in Poughkeepsie by Eleanor Sullo—Treble Heart books


  • **WINNER** Holding the Cards by Joey Hill—Ellora's Cave

  • Arda: The Sailmaster's Woman by Annie Windsor—Ellora's Cave
  • Mastered by Ann Jacobs—Ellora's Cave
  • More Than A Night by Jasmine Haynes—Liquid Silver Books
  • Prisoner of Desire by Delilah Devlin—Ellora's Cave
  • A Third Party by Chris Tanglen—Ellora's Cave


  • **WINNER** Dayspring Destiny by Jeanine Berry—Novel Books, Inc

  • The Ancient One by Sheri McGathy—Double Dragon Publishing
  • In the Service of the Samurai by Gloria Oliver—Zumaya Publishing
  • Morevi by Lisa Lee & Tee Morris—Dragon Moon Press
  • Weapons Of Ruin by C.L. Scheel—Hard Shell Word Factory


  • **WINNER** Just Believe by Anne Manning—Novel Books, Inc.

  • Full Moon Inheritance by Jacqueline Elliott—Treble Heart Books
  • Rhiannon by Louise Crawford—New Concepts Publishing
  • Thief Of Dreams by Sheri McGathy—Double Dragon Publishing
  • Wind Walker by Michelle Levigne—Treble Heart Books


  • **WINNER** Challenge the Wind by Debra Tash—Amber Quill Press

  • Angelica by Jude Berman—Books Unbound
  • Dorie and Me by Liz Hamlin—ebooksonthe.net
  • Heroes in the Dust by Jennifer Macaire—Jacobyte Books
  • In the Crossfire by L.R. Bliss—Awe-Struck E-Books
  • The Latham Loop by Laura Mazucca Toops—Amber Quill Press


  • **WINNER** The Hungry Heart by Elise Dee Beraru—Awe-Struck E-Books

  • Daughter of The Dragon by Connie Crow—Awe-Struck E-Books
  • One Heart—One Way by Cornelia Amiri—Awe-Struck E-Books
  • Silk Dreams and Satin Lies by Catherine Snodgrass—Amber Quill Press
  • Sweeter Than Wine by Michaela August—Awe-Struck E-Books


  • **WINNER** Dance With the Dragon by E. F. Watkins—Amber Quill Press

  • Child Of Twilight by Margaret Carter—Hard Shell Word Factory
  • The Last Priestess by Terry White—ebooksonthe.net
  • Sleeping Beauty by David Halliday—LTDBooks
  • The Woods Around Carter's Lake by M.J. Konevich—RFI West


  • **WINNER** All We Want For Christmas by Polly Bolack—Awe-Struck E-Books

  • Adam's Stone by Kevin Paglia—Whiskey Creek Press
  • Saving Reverend Clayton by R.D. Larson & Louise Ulmer—ebooksonthe.net


  • **WINNER** Triple Threat by Elizabeth Dearl—Novel Books, Inc.

  • The Bodies Out Back by Joseph E. Wright—Books Unbound
  • Missing by Judith Parker—Echelon Press
  • Murder At Lost Dog Lake by Vicki Delany—New Concepts Publishing
  • Resulting In Death by Lynn Fulton—RFI West


  • **WINNER** Aniko: The Stranger Who Loved Me by Dr. Bob Rich—Anina's Books

  • Her Name Was Mary by Dorothy Kawaguchi—ebooksonthe.net
  • A Picture Perfect Kid by Carol Guy—Zumaya Publishing


  • **WINNER** Millennium Moms Cooking on the Run by Jamie Gardiner—ebooksonthe.net

  • Card College I by Roberto Giobbi—Lybrary.com
  • Chef Cheri's Hasty Tasty Meals by Cheryl Norman—Self-published
  • Taking Responsibility Builds Trust by Karen Wiesner—Writers Exchange
  • Weave Your Web by Karen Wiesner—Hard Shell Word Factory
  • Write—Create—And Promote A Best Seller by Lee Masterson—Desert Star Publishing


  • **WINNER** Brush Country by Barri Bryan—Whiskey Creek Press

  • The Black Bird by David Halliday—Self-published
  • The Myth Of Dragonflies by Valerie Hardin—Lucy Westerna Books
  • Shore Lines by Vincent MacDonald—ebooksonthe.net
  • Straying From The Path by Rie Sheridan—SunnySideUp Publishing


  • **WINNER** Judging Ellie by Catherine Snodgrass & Bryndis Rubin—Amber Quill Press

  • Emerald Heat by Barbara Clark—Amber Quill Press
  • Guess Again by Nora Santella—Hard Shell Word Factory
  • Privacy by Gini Wilson—Wings ePress
  • Where Tigers Prowl by Karin Story—Amber Quill Press


  • **WINNER** The Friends by Rick Sutcliffe—Writers Exchange

  • Crazy Ships by Darrell Bain—Double Dragon Publishing
  • The Exile by Rick Sutcliffe—Writers Exchange
  • Milky Way Marmalade by Michael DiCerto—Zumaya Publishing
  • Prometheus by Alex Domokos & Rita Toews—Hard Shell Word Factory
  • True Caderi by Michelle Levigne—Awe-Struck E-Books
  • Virtual Murder by Jennifer Macaire—Novel Books, Inc.


  • **WINNER** e-ville by K.T. Morgan—Amber Quill Press

  • Fion's Daughter by Brenna Lyons—eXtasy books
  • Rising From The Ashes by Michael LaRocca—Novel Books, Inc.
  • Summer's Child by Sherry Wille—Whiskey Creek Press
  • Wild Nature by Christine Janssen—Wings ePress


  • **WINNER** A Flash of Emerald by J.M. Taylor—Blue Eagle Press

  • California Gothic by Casey Dorman—New Concepts Publishing
  • Eyes Of Betrayal by Patricia Rasey—Amber Quill Press
  • Just Like You by Beverly Bateman—RFI West
  • Shape Of Fear by Matthew Schoonover—ebooksonthe.net


  • **WINNER** Shiloh by Dusty Rhodes—Treble Heart Books

  • Cato Wahl by Judith Parker—Whiskey Creek Press
  • Jedidiah Boone by Dusty Rhodes—Treble Heart Books
  • Liar's Trail by C.K. Crigger—Amber Quill Press


  • **WINNER** McClellan's Bluff by Mary Trimble—Atlantic Bridge

  • The Firehills of Orland by Frances Evlin—Amber Quill Press
  • The Promise by Jennifer Macaire—Double Dragon Publishing
  • Right Hand of Velachaz by Rie Sheridan—LTDBooks
  • Tangled Hearts by Karin Story—Amber Quill Press

Additional EPIC Awards


Presented to honor an individual, nominated and voted on by the membership, for exemplary service to the organization. Voting was conducted by the EPIC Committee from December 20 to 25, 2003.


  • **WINNER** Elise Dee Beraru (nominated by Christine Janssen, seconded by Karen Woods)

  • Betty Kasischke (nominated by Karen Wiesner, seconded by Jane Bierce)
  • Daniel J. Reitz, Sr. (nominated by Dusty Rhodes, seconded by Jody Pryor)
  • Janice Strand (nominated by Valerie Hardin, seconded by Pamela Johnson)


Presented to an individual outside of the organization for his or her dedication to electronic publishing.


Recognizing Excellence in Book Covers--determined by a membership vote.

Here are the eight Best in Category Winners. Each of these covers received the top number of votes in its category from 104 entries. Voting for Best in Category was conducted from November 22 to November 29, 2003. Voting for the QUASAR Award will take place from January 15 to January 30, 2004, and will presented on March 13, 2004 at the EPICon 2004 banquet in Oklahoma City, OK.

  • Best in Category Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, and Paranormal Romance
    **QUASAR WINNER** Sometime, Somewhere—cover artist JoLynne Hansen

  • Best in Category Historical and Western
    Windchancecover artist Ardy M. Scott

  • Best in Category Horror
    Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary)—cover artist Darrell King

  • Best in Category Mainstream, Single Title, Nonfiction, and Poetry
    Wild Nature—cover artist Ed Janssen

  • Best in Category Mystery, Suspense, Action-Adventure, and Thriller
    Eyes of Betrayal—cover artist Trace Edward Zaber

  • Best in Category Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Historical Romance
    Lady of Two Lands—cover artist Ariana Overton

  • Best in Category Science Fiction and Science Fiction Romance
    Macroscope—cover artist Ariana Overton

  • Best in Category Children's and Young Adult
    Sambini, The Vegetarian Tiger—cover artist ETS Designs

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