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EPPIES 2006    

Announcing the

The Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC) is proud to present the 7th annual EPPIE Awards. These awards, which honor the finest electronically published books of the year, were presented on Saturday, March 18, 2006 in San Antonio at the EPPIE Banquet during EPICon 2006.

And the 2006 EPPIE goes to...


  • **WINNER**  Pedestals by Jane Shoup—Publisher Echelon Press

  • Black Flowers by E. F. Watkins—Publisher Amber Quill Press

  • Gambling with the Enemy by Toni Leland—Publisher Equine Graphics Publishing Group/Parallel Press Imprint

Anthology (all genres)

  • **WINNER**  Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume 1, A Jewels of the Quill Anthology by Alice Blue, Sherry Derr-Wille, Christine DeSmet, Debbie Fritter, Liz Hunter, Carrie S. Masek, Barbara Raffin, Jaye Roycraft, Julie Skerven, Jane Toombs, Cassie Walder, Karen Wiesner—Publisher Whiskey Creek Press

  • Suits, Ties & Water Cooler AmberPax by Trixie Stilletto, Caitlyn Willows, Adrianna Dane, Isabella Jordan, Denyse Bridger—Publisher Amber Quill Press

  • A Faerie Tale by Paige Burns, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Rae Monet, Tiffany Aaron—Publisher Liquid Silver Books

  • All I Want For Christmas by Kally Jo Surbeck, Brenna Lyons, Elaine Charton—Publisher Triskelion Publishing

Children, Young Adult, and Tween

  • **WINNER**  Faith of the Unforgotten by Leathel Grody—Publisher Lethal Publishing Corporation

  • Bully Brigade by Betty Jo Schuler—Publisher DiskUs

  • My Little Blue Car by Carolyn R. Scheidies—Publisher lulu.com

  • Oliver's Castle by Diane Thompson—Publisher Mystic Toad Press, L.L.C.

Erotic/Erotica with paranormal elements

  • **WINNER**  I, Nefertiti by Lacey Savage—Publisher Loose Id

  • Animal Instincts by Jaci Burton—Publisher Ellora's Cave

  • Chains of Jericho by Vivien Dean—Publisher Linden Bay Romance

  • Hot House: Dante & Hayley by Sheri Gilmore—Publisher Loose Id

  • Lilith's Legacy by Aubrey Ross—Publisher Changling Press

  • Rites of Mating by Brenna Lyons—Publisher eXtasy Books

  • Spin Drift by Jule Jones—Publisher Loose Id

  • Tempest by Louisa Trent—Publisher Loose Id

Erotic/Erotica without paranormal elements

  • **WINNER**  Maverick's Black Cat by Maggie Casper and Lena Matthews—Publisher Ellora's Cave

  • Honoring Sean by Maggie Casper—Publisher Ellora's Cave

  • Love's Revenge by Monica Burns—Publisher New Concepts Publishing

  • Persuading Suzanne by Amy O'Connor—Publisher eXtasy Books

  • The Gift by Honey Jans—Publisher Whiskey Creek Press

  • Undercover Lover by Cailyn Willows—Publisher Amber Quill Press, LLC


  • **WINNER**  Dragon's Son by Elaine Corvidae—Publisher Mundania Press LLC

  • Bitter Sweet by Michelle Levigne—Publisher Mundania Press LLC

  • Glass Souls by Michaela August—Publisher Awe-Struck eBooks


  • **WINNER**  Funeral in Babylon by Max Overton—Publisher Mundania Press LLC

  • Lainn's Destiny by Toby Heathcotte—Publisher Triskelion Publishing

  • The Sweet Shade of a Chinaberry Tree by Janice Ward Parrish—Publisher Hard Shell Word Factory


  • **WINNER**  The Last Dance of the Lochkray by Brian M.H. Goodwin—Publisher LTD Books

  • The Rat Catcher's King by John F.D.Taff—Publisher Double Dragon Publishing

Inspirational (Christian, Metaphysical, New Age)

  • **WINNER**  Lorien by Michelle L. Levigne—Publisher Hard Shell Word Factory

  • Hattie's Preacher by Sherry Derr-Wille—Publisher Awe-Struck eBooks


  • **WINNER**  Death Row Defender by Ray Dix—Publisher Hard Shell Word Factory

  • The Queen Anne Fox by Jerol Anderson—Publisher Whiskey Creek Press

  • The Summer Bones by Katherine Smith—Publisher Whiskey Creek Press

  • Vengeance to the Max by JB Skully—Publisher Liquid Silver Books


  • **WINNER**  Made a Difference for That one: A Surgeon's Letters Home from Iraq by Meredith Coppola—Publisher iUniverse, Inc.

  • 31 Months in Japan: The Building of a Theme Park by Larry K. and Lorna Collins—Publisher iUniverse, Inc.

Poetry   TIE!  

  • **WINNER**  Ghostly Embers: Visions of Toledo by Larry Rochelle—Publisher Booksurge

  • **WINNER**  The Oestara Anthology of Pagan Poetry by Cynthia Joyce Clay, Delight Clay, Raymond T. Anderson, William H. Roetzheim, Robert Merritt, Julia Swiggum Archer, Cris Staubach, Joy St. John Johnson, Heather Harley, Bryan David Ciers, Lauren Curtis, Shawnee Kircher, Jodi Kusley, Ted MacGillivray, Elson Markwick SeaEagle, Stephen E.Mead, Nikhil Parekh, Robin Renee (spiritual name Keshavani), Randi-Lee Ryder (spiritual name Dame Rusla), Adam Bryn Tritt, Donna Kai Wilson (spiritual name Silvermane Peridot Amethyst Gael-song), and Greg Beatty—Publisher Oestara Publishing LLC

Romance (Contemporary)

  • **WINNER**  Just My Imagination by Karen Sandler—Publisher Hard Shell Word Factory

  • Harvey & Eck by Erin O'Brien—Publisher Zumay Publications

  • Hired Hand by Caitlyn Willows—Publisher Amber Quill Press, LLC

  • In the Mood by Ellen Fisher—Publisher New Concepts Publishing

  • One Small Spark by Muncy Chapman—Publisher Grace Publishing

  • Precious Things by Gail R. Delaney—Publisher Wings ePress

Romance (Fantasy/Paranormal)

  • **WINNER**  All Night Inn by Janet Miller—Publisher Cerridwen Press

  • Falling Star Wish by Betty Hanawa—Publisher Triskelion Publishing

  • The Case of the Virtuous Vampire by Monette Michaels—Publisher LTD Books

  • Treading the Labyrinth by Rae Morgan—Publisher Liquid Silver Books

  • Unicorn Quest by Angelica Hart, Ellen Fisher—Publisher New Concepts Publishing

Romance (Historical)

  • **WINNER**  An Unacceptable Demise by Patricia Harrison—Publisher Amber Quill Press, LLC

  • Bittersweet Surrender by Barbara Sheridan—Publisher Cerridwen Press

  • My Secret Yankee by T.D. McKinney and Aimee Masion—Publisher Amber Quill Press, LLC

  • Wayward Sun by Katherine Smith—Publisher Whiskey Creek Press

Romance (Romantic Suspense)

  • **WINNER**  Letters from the Heart by Anita Whiting—Publisher New Age Dimensions

  • Means to An End by Carol McPhee—Publisher Wings ePress

  • Project Prometheus by Ester Mitchell—Publisher Triskelion Publishing

  • The Chemistry of Evil by Lynne Connolly—Publisher Triskelion Publishing

  • Wolf Island by Cher Gorman—Publisher Loose Id

Romance (Science Fiction/Futuristic)

  • **WINNER**  Farthest Space: The Wrath of Jan (part of the Tripping Through the Universe anthology) by Ellen Fisher—Publisher New Concepts Publishing

  • A Window in Time by Carolyn Lampman—Publisher Whiskey Creek Press

  • Forced Mate by Rowena Beaumont Cherry—Publisher Rowena Cherry

  • StarJumper's Bride by J.A. Clarke—Publisher LionHearted Publishing, LLC

Science Fiction

  • **WINNER**  An Audience for Einstein by Mark Wakely—Publisher Mundania Press LLC

  • Peacekeeper by Tabitha A. Bradley—Publisher eXtasy Books

  • Shards: Book One by Peter Prellwitz—Publisher Double Dragon Publishing

  • Shards: Book Two by Peter Prellwitz—Publisher Double Dragon Publishing

Single Title/Mainstream

  • **WINNER**  The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred—Publisher Cerridwen Press

  • RV by Angelo Spyropoulos—Publisher Zumaya Publications

  • Jayna Incarnate by Jane Shoup—Publisher New Age Dimensions

  • Til The End of Time by Sabra Brown Steinsiek—Publisher Whiskey Creek Press

Additional EPIC Awards


Presented to honor an individual, nominated and voted on by the membership, for exemplary service to the organization.

  • **WINNER**  Jeff Strand
  • Anita Gunnufson
  • Carol MacLeod
  • Karen Woods


Presented to an individual outside of the organization for his or her dedication to electronic publishing.

  • Nick Bogaty
  • Nick is the driving force at IDPF (formerly Open e-Book Forum). They are the folks who collect sales data on the eBook industry and generally supply positive numbers for us to news sources and other print industry groups. They have a publisher/industry membership to keep abreast of what's going on and to keep us all on the same page of what's new.

QUASAR AWARD (Cover Art)   TIE!  

Recognizing Excellence in Book Covers--determined by a membership vote.

Here are the eight Ariana Best in Category Winners. Each of these covers received the top number of votes in its category. From the eight, the EPIC membership voted to award the QUASAR for the Best Cover of 2006.

  • **QUASAR WINNER**  Best in Category Horror
    With Black and White Comes The Grey—cover artist Nora Baxter—publisher Whiskey Creek Press

  • **QUASAR WINNER**  Best in Category Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Historical Romance
    Plain Jane's Tight End—cover artist Dirk A. Wolf—publisher Hard Shell Word Factory

  • Best in Category Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, and Paranormal Romance
    The Initiate—cover artists Stacey L. King
    and Cas Sandall—publisher Mundania Press LLC

  • Best in Category Historical and Western
    The Texicans—cover artist Jane Pitts—publisher Treble Heart Books/Sundowners

  • Best in Category Mainstream, Single Title, Nonfiction, and Poetry
    Standing in the Sun—cover artist Toni Leland—publisher New Concord Press

  • Best in Category Mystery, Suspense, Action-Adventure, and Thriller
    Intervention—cover artist Dirk A. Wolf—publisher Hard Shell Word Factory

  • Best in Category Science Fiction and Science Fiction Romance
    The Coming of the Horseclans—cover artist Stacey L. King—publisher Mundania Press LLC

  • Best in Category Children's and Young Adult
    Mail Order Monster—cover artist Dirk A. Wolf—publisher Hard Shell Word Factory

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