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Join EPIC    

Membership Criteria

EPIC has two levels of membership, Active and Industry. The following information is provided to help you determine whether or not you qualify for membership. Please review it carefully before completing the membership application.

Active Author Membership

Active Author Membership is available to the following individuals:

  1. Authors who have at least one published work* of fiction or non-fiction. This work may be published in either electronically and/or print, and includes publication by royalty-paying publishes, self-publishing, or subsidy-publishing.

  2. Authors who are currently contracted by a legitimate Electronic Publisher. Please note that contracted, but previously unpublished authors, will be accepted as EPIC members contingent upon actual publication of their contracted work, with the understanding that membership will not continue if the contracted work is not published.

*A "Published Work" is defined as a book-length work of literature, non-fiction or fiction, of over 30,000 words, except in the case of fiction or non-fiction for young children (ages 1 to 10). A novella or short story included in an anthology is also considered acceptable. However, a body of newspaper or magazine articles, or other journalistic works produced in either print or electronic formats, does not qualify the applicant for membership.

Industry Membership

An Industry Membership is opened to people who are not authors. To qualify for Industry Member, you must be:

  • The CEO, President, Senior Editor, or other main officer of a publishing company
  • Literary Agent who is either a member of AAR or who agrees to follow the AAR Canon of Ethics
  • Cover Artist who has produced at least three book covers used in published titles by a publisher eligible for EPIC membership
  • Book Editor who has edited at least three manuscripts published by a publisher eligible for EPIC membership
  • Book Publicist
  • Bookstore Owner
  • Typesetting and Layout Designer, subject to the eligibility requirements for book editors and artists

The Industry Membership is in your name, not a company's name. Dues are the same $30 yearly.

Industry Members share all the same benefits as full members except they are not permitted to vote in elections or budget approvals. If you have any further questions, please contact the board of officers.


Dues, in the amount of $30 yearly, entitle members to participate in our active and informative EPIC Listserv, as well as make use of the members-only section of www.epicauthors.com.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that you do not pay the $30.00 dues in advance of official acceptance into EPIC. You will receive payment information in your approval verification letter. Dues are non-refundable even if it is determined your publishing history does not qualify you for EPIC membership.

Epic Membership Application

If you would like to join, complete the following membership form. The EPIC secretary will get back in touch with you.

If you are already a member of YahooGroups, you must set your options to accept direct adds into groups before your application to EPIC can be processed.

Membership Type:

Your Real Name: First: Last:
Primary Pen Name:
(Only enter if different
than your real name)
First: Last:

Other Pen Name(s):
Leave blank if none.

Show Your Pen Name Only in Member's Listing?   Yes No
Note: Selecting "NO" means that your member listing will appear as
"REAL-NAME writing as PEN-NAME"

Your eMail:
Your Author URL:
Other Author URLs:
Your Address:
Your City:
Your State:
Your Postal/Zip Code:
Your Country:
Your Phone:
How did you hear about EPIC?:

If your work has been contracted but not yet published, simply write "contracted."
Titles Published:
Can be just recent works.
Publication Dates:
Publisher(s) URL(s):

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