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Poetry Corner    

Poetry Corner

A platform to post your poetry...free to post, free to read. Enjoy!

All poems posted here are copyright by the respective authors and may not be reproduced or distributed without express written permission of the author. All poems posted here are exactly as received from the author. Nothing was edited or changed prior to posting here. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of EPIC, its officers, or its members.

Index of Poems

AIDS Doesn't Kill. Your Attitude Kills

Compassionately shaking hands with them; wont in anyway enshroud every
ingredient of your blood with the most unforgivably cancerous of disease;
wont in anyway annihilate you forever and ever and ever from the trajectory
of this fathomless Universe,

Profusely intermingling your shadow with theirs; wont in anyway diminish you
beyond the threshold of disparagingly dolorous oblivion; wont in anyway
obfuscate your integrity with the clouds of tawdry salaciousness,

Tirelessly talking with them; wont in anyway make you the most delinquently
inferior organism on this boundless earth; wont in anyway char your
inimitably distinctive identity,

Amiably kissing them on their rubicund lips; wont in anyway evaporate every
ounce of immunity from your body; wont in anyway transform you into the most
treacherously cursed entity alive,

Uninhibitedly fondling their silken hair; wont in anyway jinx you with even
the most infinitesimal parasite on this limitless earth; wont in anyway
trounce you to your dolorously fetid grave,

Mischievously nibbling at their innocuous ears; wont in anyway numb each of
your senses to even the tiniest trace of sound; wont in anyway engulf each
brilliant day of yours with hopelessly asphyxiating blackness,

Jubilantly adventuring with them in the inscrutable forests; wont in anyway
sap you of untamed powerhouse of effulgent energy; wont in anyway make you
an impotent pinch of mud fretting for an infinite lifetimes,

Profoundly staring into the whites of their impeccable eyes; wont in anyway
blind you forever from every conceivable iota of pleasure and panoramic
light; wont in anyway pulverize you into inanely impoverished nothingness,

Eclectically sketching their harmlessly nimble silhouette; wont in anyway
vengefully deteriorate you into a pool of insipid nothingness; wont in
anyway render you as the most ignominiously slandered artist alive,

Holistically eating with them in the same bowl; wont in anyway metamorphose
you into an ocean of endlessly lambasting tears; wont in anyway inundate the
walls of your stomach with venomously aggrieved poison rather than the
celestial fruits of the Creator Divine,

Unflinchingly entwining your fingers into theirs; wont in anyway
horrendously deplete you of every ounce of your strength; wont in anyway
impede you from symbiotically coalescing with the rest of eternally
fructifying living kind,

Sleeping impregnably close to them to shelter them at night; wont in anyway
grant you a place in the most vindictively unsparing of hell; wont in anyway
prematurely bury you a countless feet beneath your veritable grave,

Flirtatiously tickling their nubile skin; wont in anyway hang you upside
down in the most brilliantly blazing of Sunlight; wont in anyway seal every
other synergistically untainted option for you in the chapter of resplendent

Wholeheartedly embracing them as one of your own kin; wont in anyway
perpetuate in you the germs of the most ominously tyrannical of disease;
wont in anyway render you satanically crippled for the remainder of your

Affably conserving each droplet of their golden sweat in your palms; wont in
anyway erase the spell binding destiny lines of your existence; wont in
anyway proclaim you as a preposterously shameful misfit for the fabric of

Altruistically applying the balm of humanity on their inexplicable wounds;
wont in anyway assassinate every bit of harmonious knowledge that you had so
wonderfully assimilated since the first cry of birth; wont in anyway torment
you even after you died,

Uninhibitedly drinking water from their unfinished glass; wont in anyway
transform every ingredient of your Omnipotent blood into unbearably
vindictive venom; wont in anyway truculently slain the royal seeds of
virility from your endowed life,

Unceasingly enlightening them with the magical artistry in your persona;
wont in anyway endanger even the most diminutive shade of existence on the
perennial planet; wont in anyway transform you into a sinful eunuch wailing
the last words of your life,

Unassailably blending every breath of yours with theirs; wont in anyway
defeat you the slightest in any philanthropic quest of your blessed life;
wont in anyway abruptly snap the fangs of your miraculously proliferating

Immortally bonding every beat of your heart with theirs; wont in anyway make
you the most abhorred criminal of this globe; wont in anyway metamorphose
every definition of true love into sadistically betraying hatred,

Paradoxically; whereas doing all the above things with them wont in anyway
harm you the tiniest; but their not receiving the same from you would
definitely make them die the most ghastliest of death; a death which would
not be a result of their suffering from HIV/AIDS , but an extinction which
would be the most horrifically gruesome; a death which would be the most
perpetually criminal; caused due to opprobrious disdain and neglect by you;
you and only you; who was none other than their uncaring fellow human kind...

Snow Blood Apples by Valerie Hardin

Sometimes I just want to sleep
On my soft bed for a thousand years
Blood apple fallen from my hand
Until his kiss awakes me
Another fairytale curse broken
A happy ending
But I am not his princess
Not his fairy
Yet I need
If only for someone to dream about
A friend
Someone who will take me out of the forest
I don't want to be helpless only loved
For waiting for the happy endings
Doesn't always happen
You must awake and live

20 Moments by Valerie Hardin

Million Moments created by just one
In 20 minutes safety was torn
It did not rip brotherhood, not sisterhood, not love
One moment can change a life
One moment can break a million hearts
And bruise millions more
Minds go back into past memories
The soft loving memories to relive just to go on
One must go on
A prayer for every firefighter every police officer
Who lost a friend
A prayer every parent who lost a child
A prayer for every person who lost a true love
A prayer for every child who needs a story from a lost parent
In memory and prayer of those lost and broken
In the ashes created by evil hearts
Live for those souls who died to save another
Those awash in angel light
In every generous act to show goodness
20 Moments all in one sad moment
One moment can break a million hearts
And bruise millions more
One moment can bring suffering for so many
Yet still they reach out to other hearts
With moments of their own
A moment that broke hearts.
The sad murders that happen Tuesday can leave
us numb, but so many banded together
with kindness and love. They are my heroes.

Bequest by Barri Bryan

Daylight couldn't shape it,
That dream that stayed the night,
Then vanished as the first rays
Of sun brought morning light.

Amorphous, then invisible
In my fading recollection;
It dimmed like mist at midday
In the glow of introspection.

My day was rent with discontent
And a nagging sense of woe;
A dream that I couldn't remember
Left a sorrow that wouldn't let go.

Cats by Barri Bryan

I like cats because
They spread their paws,
Then make their own rules;
Bare their claws
And refuse to suffer fools.

I like cats, even though
From experience, I know
They will hang out all night
With life that is low
In an alley, and fight.

I like cats, they purr
A soft motor-idling whir,
Yawn and stretch a mile
Then roll to a ball of fur
To cat-nap for a while.

I like cats, feline propriety
Jeweled eyes, whiskered notoriety.
Rough-tongued, arched-back contradictions;
Misfits in society,
And pious as benedictions

A Switch in Time by Barri Bryan

With a twist of the wrist, reprieve.
I turn my arm, push up my sleeve.
Mickey's face, smiling, sublime;
Mickey's hands keep marking time.

Mickey's features, awe-inspiring
Never moving, never tiring,
Only his hands show animation
By reckoning time, strange sensation

To pull the stem, to know the thrill
Of watching those gloved hands grow still.
I turn the stem, erase an hour.
The force of daylight savings power!

Miss Liberty by Dusty Rhodes

Born of a need for freedom
Raised by the toil of our hands
Welcoming all who would claim her
God truly blessed our land

But torn by whispers of hatred
Opposed without knowing why
Winds of dissent have eroded
Ideals we once held so high

Like you, oh statue of freedom
America was showing decay
What no power on earth could take from us
We were just giving away

Then somewhere a spark was ignited
A time for renewal at hand
The trumpet of unity sounded
A feeling of pride swept our land

We restored the statue of freedom
Rebuilding the land of the free
We�re proud of all that you stand for
We call you Miss Liberty

You are our Miss America
We call you Miss Liberty
You�re a symbol of pride in our country
The home of the brave and the free

We stand up to salute you
With torch raised high to the sea
We�re proud of all that you stand for
We call you Miss Liberty

Father's Bible by Dusty Rhodes

While cleaning out the attic, beneath some books I chanced to find
a treasure so endearing it brought back memories far left behind.
It was my father�s old, black bible; worn and dusty was it now.
But the memories it gave me were worth the world somehow.

And so my mind began to wander back to a time which long has passed.
Back to a humble little cottage and to a childhood which fled too fast.
I could see my father clearly, just sitting in that old porch swing
Just reading that old bible, and enjoying the sun of early spring.

He must have read it through at least a hundred times I know
And I know now of all his troubles but he never let them show.
When the road got rough and weary he�d just open that old book
Then he�d read aloud some scriptures and he�s have a brand new look.

He�d read how God tested Job, and all his troubles in his day
Then he�d slowly close the bible, look up at us and say
�You see, God allows these trials just to test our faith this way.�
Then we�d bow our heads in silence and he�d begin to pray.

�Oh Lord, we want to thank you, for your goodness and your love.
We know you know our needs, Lord, as you watch over us from above.
Now, I ask not for myself, Lord, but that thy will be done,
But please remember my faithful wife, and don�t forget my son.
They serve you every day, Lord, and they never do complain.
And for what we have, we thank you, Lord, and we�ll forever praise your name.�

Yes, that old book traveled many a mile underneath my fathers arm
And it�s worn cover and earmarked pages only add to its charm.
As I think back ore the years that have passed, I�d trade all my wealth and title
Just once more, to hear my dad read, from that old black bible.


Whether it was fainter than the rustling of inconspicuous grass; or whether
it perpetually blazed through the mortuaries of depression forever and ever
and ever,

Whether it squeaked like a disdainfully disappearing rat; or whether it
handsomely reverberated past the norms of the tyrannically conventional

Whether it cadaverously sunk an infinite feet beneath lackluster soil even
before it could arise; or whether it resembled the everlastingly enamoring
effervescence of the timelessly vivacious rainbow in celestial sky,

Whether it was as preposterously weak as the infidel ant; or whether it
inimitably silenced even the most infinitesimal trace of diabolism on this
Universe in a righteously single cry,

Whether it was more inarticulately mumbling than the winds of grouchily
disappointing oblivion; or whether it relentlessly roared like the
majestically unflinching lion; till times immemorial,

Whether it gasped and miserably stuttered like a lividly subjugated
gutterpipe; or whether it perennially blossomed like the tendrils of the
sensuously untamed rose; to blend with the compassionate moisture of the

Whether it croaked like an acrimoniously repugnant frog; or whether it
caressed the innermost dormitories of the soul; like a brilliantly
undefeated prince,

Whether it irascibly buzzed like the abjectly parsimonious mosquito; or
whether it timelessly danced in triumphant delight; like the very first
droplets of ubiquitously bonding and eternally fructifying rain,

Whether it rapidly deteriorated into vapid nothingness immediately after it
had arisen; or whether it unstoppably marched forward on the path to
insuperably blessed success,

Whether it forever bore the imprint of shamefully ludicrous timidity; or
whether it ebulliently galloped like an uninhibited kangaroo through the
trails of fearlessly enlightening adventure,

Whether it unceasingly seemed like the ethereally dwindling horizons; or
whether it vividly enthralled like the extraordinarily pristine oceans of
magnanimously rejuvenating froth,

Whether it sounded incoherent jinxed like quaint crusts of severely
dilapidated rust; or whether it proliferated into a cosmos of ever-pervading
freshness till moments beyond infinite infinity,

Whether it wobbled in the realms of impoverished uncertainty; or whether it
brilliantly glimmered like the Omnipotently flamboyant rays of the Morning

Whether it disintegrated into a corpse of pathetically disintegrating
emptiness; or whether it beautifully melanged with the mists of
resplendently sensuous paradise,

Whether it penuriously flickered for a countless lifetimes; or whether it
was an unlimited times better than the cadence of the mellifluously gorgeous

Whether it was as flaccidly indolent as the stride of the tortoise; or
whether it raced like stupendously kingly lightening through the most
hideously truculent pathways of horrific despair,

Whether it seemed as non-existent as the dead-mans lifeless carcass; or
whether it indomitably towered above every tangible and intangible entity on
the trajectory of this unbelievably unassailable planet,

Whether it sounded like the most haplessly pulverized brick of the
foundation; or whether it consecrated a whole new civilization of
unconquerable goodness; upon its synergistic dissemination into the

Irrespective of whatever; if your voice is altruistically philanthropic; if
your voice is tirelessly ardent for every bit of panoramically symbiotic
goodness existing on this boundless earth; if your voice is as pristinely
sacred as the milk of your divinely mother; most importantly if your voice
above everything else is from the innermost dormitories of your benign
heart; then it irrefutably and immortally reaches and bonds forever and ever
and ever; with the Omnipotent breath of the Creator Divine....


Without those two pinches of vermilion; she was
ruthlessly ridiculed at every quarter of this
conventionally acrid society,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she was
treated worse than what people could have treated
barbaric dogs on stray streets; shrugging her entirely
from the fabric of blissful existence,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she hopelessly
staggered on every step towards a painstaking defeat;
with literally every door slamming tyrannically shut
upon her impeccable persona,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she became the
subject of indefatigable abuse; with all males in
vicinity; salaciously devouring every bit of her
untainted innocence,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she lost even
the most infinitesimal trace of her integrity in the
air outside; with people preferring to bleed; rather
than look at her cursed face,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she
frantically searched all night and day for an
unassailable friend; but what she got was the
uncouthly coldblooded whiplash instead,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she was
disastrously decimated in her conquest to be self
sufficient; with powerhouses of wealth in this
Country; devilishly using her innocence to their
savage advantage,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she had become
a ravishingly ingratiating persona all right; but
morbidly devoid of an irrefutably moral conscience;
which led to righteously blazing light,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she had
remorsefully frozen the poignantly scarlet streams of
blood in her veins; in her hopeless mission of trying
to savor empathy and blankets of compassionate love,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she had become
a statue vengefully divested of even the tiniest of
emotion; as she into a life of lecherous nothingness;
for times immemorial,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she had lost
her pristine chastity the moments she stepped outside;
with the winds of diabolical prejudice shattering her
into an infinite pieces; of bizarre worthlessness,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she had become
a mere commodity; being insidiously traded on the dais
of depravation; to yield to the viciously abhorrent
cry of the devil,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she left her
immaculate children in the malicious orphanage; rather
than having them witness her being gorily mutilated
every unfurling second of the day,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she alighted
from bed every morning all right; but with the flaming
light outside; seeming to be worse than the corpses;
of dolorously dead light,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she
incessantly cursed her destiny all night and day; for
yet keeping her so tirelessly breathing and
discerningly alive,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she felt as
each instant stabbing her with a whirlpool of heinous
atrocity; with the word hope disappearing forever from
the thesaurus of the; murderously ungainly planet,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she was
exonerated from all relationships; with even those
bonded by blood; snobbishly failing to recognize the
blissful contours of her; innocuous face,

Without those two pinches of vermilion; she had even
stopped praying to the Almighty Lord; knowing it
perfectly well that she would be satanically kicked by
the conventionally ritualistic priests; from the very
first of the sacred temple steps,

O! Yes for once upon a time it was indeed those two
pinches of vermilion glistening profound between her
hair; that had granted her the status of an
embellished queen; with this same society saluting her
with loads of respect,

While today she felt that the worst sin she had
committed was to marry; for after her husband
unfortunately quit his last breath; she had become the
same treacherous word on everyone's mouth; which she
forever wanted to forget; she had become just one
another in the devastatingly augmenting list of



Terrorism indiscriminately divides,
Love is an Omniscient panacea which wholeheartedly
embraces; one and all...

Terrorism treacherously plots,
Love is a flower which diffuses its divinely scent; to
the most remotest corners of this Universe...

Terrorism insidiously massacres,
Love is a seed which blossoms perennially; into the
chapter of blissful prosperity..

Terrorism baselessly orphans,
Love is a cloud which showers happiness; even after
veritably mortal death..

Terrorism tyrannically dictates,
Love is an uninhibitedly cascading stream; which
pacifies one and all...

Terrorism devastates civilizations,
Love is a mystically gorgeous shadow; casting the
unbreakable spell of humanity for centuries

Terrorism perpetuates agonizing hatred,
Love is an Omnipotent ointment; which heals the most
savagely brutal of wounds....

Terrorism evokes ghastly memories,
Love is a fountain; which fulminates every unleashing
second into a river of insatiable ecstasy...

Terrorism diabolically poisons,
Love is the highest peak of unparalleled joy;
overshadowing all wealth and commodity on this
gigantic planet....

Terrorism maliciously mutilates,
Love is an invincible march towards victory; the most
cherished achievement for an organism in its life...

Terrorism gruesomely cripples beyond hope,
Love is an unconquerably formidable armor; which
harbors all religion; tribe; and mankind in its ardent

Terrorism propagates gory bloodshed,
Love is a fathomless ocean of nostalgic belonging;
which perpetually makes you feel; as if you were just

Terrorism beheads innocent,
Love is a poignantly bonding wave; which melts the
most invidiously sinister; in its heavenly swirl...

Terrorism uncouthly lambastes at every step,
Love is an everlasting dream of peace; which lingers
till times beyond absolute eternity...

Terrorism disastrously explodes into viciousness,
Love is a brilliantly optimistic ray; which touches
the heart of the rich and miserably deprived; alike....

Terrorism deliberately dismantles,
Love is an intransigently undefeated arrow;
ubiquitously spreading the message of celestial
brotherhood; in every iota of this boundless globe....

Terrorism heinously corrupts,
Love is a sacred apostle of bountiful relationships;
always ensuring you got the very blessed and
harmonious in life...

Terrorism stinks in dungeons of hell,
Love is a tantalizing dewdrop which enchants you
beyond the boundaries of paradise; making you feel the
most richest entity alive...

Terrorism horrendously incinerates,
Love is a torrential downpour of celestial fantasy;
which makes the most pathetically dwindling organism;
entirely oblivious to pain...

Terrorism blasts through existence,
Love is a benevolent culmination of the divine; rising
amicably and unscathed from the ashes; even centuries
after losing breath...

Terrorism horrifically stagnates,
Love is a flirtatiously philandering wind through the
hills; the perfectly symbiotic rudiments of all
existing on this earth...

Terrorism remorsefully regrets,
Love is a mesmerizing voice which proliferates more
stronger as the moments unfurl; blowing away all devil
in a single breath...

Terrorism disrupts resplendent sleep,
Love is a caress which triggers waves of compassionate
electricity; profoundly enlightening the hearts of all
those; impeccably deprived....

Terrorism vandalizes beyond the point of sagacious
Love heals all tottering towards extinction;
irrespective of whether they are poor of unsurpassably

Terrorism shatters the slimmest hope to live,
Love lends its philanthropic shoulders to the weak and
infirm; making them blossom into cheerful beams of
sheer ebullience...

Terrorism sucks blood tirelessly,
Love spawns countless new lives every instant;
naturally continuing God's more revered chapter of

Terrorism incessantly plunders and blunders,
Love is a web of melodiously sweet honey; which
nourishes every organism; right from its birth to the
final stage of its inevitable death....

Terrorism irrevocably numbs,
Love is a fireball of unending titillation towering
towards the sky; rejuvenating life with lost charm and

Terrorism voices its opinions through bullets,
Love is the most successful mission of a persons life;
making him live an infinite heavens; in pragmatically
present life...

Terrorism pulverizes immaculate to raw chowder,
Love is a boat which glides like a prince through the
most tumultuous of storm; transporting its passengers
to the land of beauty and paradise...

Terrorism separates kin from kin,
Love imparts the astronomical tenacity to be live
without the tiniest of breath; yet feel the strongest
entity alive...

Terrorism indefatigably kicks like a dinosaur,
Love besieges each contour of your lips with a
timeless smile; an ardor to live higher than the
clouds; at every stage of life....

Terrorism stumbles even before it alights,
Love is a grandiloquent fortress piercing the souls of
all tangible kind; quelling each desire with its
magical touch...

Terrorism sleazily petrifies,
Love is a bond which grows more firmer as each second
elapses; unshakable against any attack; in this
gigantic world...

Terrorism acrimoniously stings,
Love is a perennially silken feather which puts you to
an eternal slumber; replenishing back an ocean of
enthrallment into your dreary eyes....

Terrorism condemns all rhyme and religion,
Love is a fantastic identity of its own; embracing all
living with the ever pervading spirit of mankind....

Terrorism converts each day into an infinite thorns,
Love is the most fulfilling wish that you could ever
desire; a flame of intimate yearning; escalating
higher than the skies...

Terrorism kicks you out; from each heart on this soil,
Love is a treasury that augments as you use it;
stirring the innermost chords of your conscience; for
the betterment of humanity...

Terrorism rains hell,
Love is a fairy cuddling your senses into a land of
magnanimous serenity; enriching all your purpose in
destined life...

Terrorism scraps all self-esteem,
Love is a flamboyant patriot; showering an
unfathomable number of lives; for its counterparts in

Terrorism is filthy manipulation,
Love is the greatest poet on the trajectory of this
earth; captivating the most wickedly alien; in the
swirl of its marvelous entrenchment...

Terrorism deteriorates all values,
Love is the pinnacle of irrefutable prosperity;
uplifting your impoverished visage to the Creator;
every time you tread you step on bare soil....

Terrorism rots the entire township,
Love is the air you breathe; the goodness which you
feel; the feeling of benign devotion that profusely
encapsulates each cranny of your robust countenance...

Terrorism monstrously violates,
Love is a stupendously exotic wine; which makes you
perceive only ravishing beauty; till the time you

Terrorism misleads at every step,
Love is an Omnipresent messiah straight from God's
land; vanquishing each hurdle that dared come your

Terrorism devilishly imprisons,
Love is a bird soaring handsomely in the clouds of
freedom; hoisting all chained that came its way; on
its exuberantly flapping wings....

Terrorism cold bloodedly snatches,
Love is a majestic art with royal shine; illuminating
the most derogatory darkness; with its impregnable
beams of hope yielding light...

Terrorism discordantly abuses,
Love is a charismatic magnet; attracting the most
murderously rash in the untamed inferno of its
passionate beats...

And Terrorism ultimately dies,
While love is the most wonderful gift of Almighty
Lord; a stringent adieu to each deplorable past; an
immortal beginning to every spell binding tomorrow


Watch them bounce in untamed exhilaration;
boisterously clap their hands in unison as the sun
shines high in the sky,
Watch them play gleefully in the mud; coating it
uninhibitedly and with exuberant energy on their
innocent faces,
Watch them splash in the sea; munching delicious
cookies; embossing fabulous sandcastles in the foamy
and shimmering sands,
Watch them pummel each other joyfully in the ribs;
triumphantly march forward without a trace of
manipulation or fear in their impeccable eyes,
Watch them sing songs in incoherent tandem; not bound
by restraints of the monotonously conventional
Watch them fantasize to unprecedented limits;
surreally swishing their chubby cheeks to a place
where the most ingenious of scientists failed to reach
even in mind-boggling inventions,
Watch them run behind their mothers back; emanate the
most mesmerizing smile ever found on this colossal
Watch them greedily gobble milk and food; make a sheer
mess of their plates and clothes as they sat with
overwhelming mischief besieging their facial contours
for nocturnal supper,
Watch them clamber up their elders without the tiniest
of embarrassment; pluck the beard of their fathers
with insurmountable naughtiness,
Watch them go to school with their laces always upside
down; crusts of innocuous dirt always dribbling down
divinely from their nose,
Watch them immaculately emulate their siblings; run
rampantly in the loose mud for their place at the
winning point,
Watch them evolve incongruous words with their pens;
fall asleep midway as if the load was the biggest to
confront on this globe,
Watch them walk upside down with their tongues poking
out in candid expression; the cotton encompassing
their diminutive bodies fluttering violently with the
Watch them incessantly cry in lap of their mother;
make the amusingly astounding gestures with their
nimble pink set of dainty jaws,
Watch them intriguingly stare at a flurry of objects
in vicinity; trying their best to decipher the meaning
of this alien world,
Watch them stumbling inadvertently as they walked;
endeavoring to solidly consolidate their intricate
footing on earth's ground,
Watch them smear ice-cream all over their robust
complexioned minuscule bodies; unwitting perceiving it
to be the bubbly family soap,
Watch them indefatigably decorate and feed their fairy
dolls; entirely oblivious to the vagaries of this
uncouthly parasitic township,
Watch them breathe and live with an ardor; that even
the most mightiest of human beings floundered to
achieve in infinite lives,
Watch them enjoy the privilege of being God's favorite
molecules; easily superceding the most unfathomable of
creations in this Universe,

And over and above all; watch these tiny angels grow
in the future decades yet to unveil; harness
handsomely and with irrefutable conviction into THE


A wave of supreme contentment entrenching your soul;
permeating your heart with an enchanting rhapsody;
even though you were besieged with the most penurious
circumstances on this planet,

An ever proliferating nostalgia to transit into
childhood once again; euphorically bouncing in the lap
of your sacred mother,

A desire to relinquish all worldly possessions; to
save the lives of your fellow comrades engulfed with
uncontrollable misery and pain,

An everlasting dream in your mind; to exist for
centuries unsurpassable even after your death;
dedicating your life to the service of love and

And you have the most stupendously serene rainbow of
PEACE; diffusing its infinite colors to coalesce into
the celestially symbiotic survival of all religion and
human kind....


A mountain of trust in each other's doings; profusely
blindfolded belief in the mother who bore you nine
months in her womb,

An insatiable conviction to act upon the voice of your
innermost conscience; follow the path of irrefutable
righteousness; come whatever perilous in your way,

An untamed spirit to free God's divinely world; from
the clutches of manipulatively uncouth devils,

An overwhelmingly resilient virtue of igniting
astronomically brilliant fires; even in the most
ghastliest of darkness hovering around,

And you have the most impregnable fortress of UNITY;
with each second of unfurling black; yielding way for
fathomless more lights...


A bit of compassionate care; uninhibited concern for
your compatriots in inexplicable pain,

A petal of perpetual happiness; without a trace of
abhorrent malice,

A cloud of tranquility lingering in all quarters of
the Universe; instilling the virtue of harmony in one
and all,

A trail of altruistic sacrifice; with the heart
wanting to shower unprecedented more; even after
palpitating each beat,

And you have a mesmerizing river of immortal LOVE;
disseminating its Omnipresent essence in every entity
blissfully breathing and alive...


An insurmountably valiant attitude to annihilate your
own life; instead of catering to indiscriminate lies,

An incomprehensible belief in treading on the path of
the Creator; ignoring the thorns of greed making you
vehemently bleed all your way,

An incorrigible vow of bowing your head only in front
of his Omnipotent grace; or else pulverizing it if the
demons so wanted,

An inexorable longing to march unflinchingly ahead;
irrespective of the religion you followed; entwining
your palms with your fellow mates; to save the globe
from getting destroyed,

And you have the most ubiquitously worshipped element
of TRUTH; which none possessed the capacity to
dismantle before this earth was evolved; and none
would till the time it would continue to holistically


NO smoking; NO offensively ghoulish odor lugubriously stabbing every
gorgeously impeccable and rhapsodic ingredient of the atmosphere,

NO smoking; NO horrendously inexplicable disease infiltrating into the
invidiously; treacherously asphyxiating you towards your veritable

NO smoking; NO disgustingly manipulative webs of bizarre lechery;
threateningly overwhelming even the most infinitesimal trace of
goodness in
eternal mankind,

NO smoking; NO insidiously negative energies corrupting the fabric of
innocuous holistic humanity; satanically lambasting the Omnipotent
effervescence of unconquerable truth,

NO smoking; NO truculently diabolical tyranny to the ingratiating
jacket of
lungs; not even the tiniest of abuse to the most wonderfully sculptured
impeccably nimble body,

NO smoking; NO maliciously ghastly whirlpools of stinking white;
permeating into the heavenly nostril; perfidiously obfuscating crystal
centers of enamoring sight,

NO smoking; NO bouts of insanely maniacal frustration ominously
creeping up
the pious soul; relentlessly trying to mercilessly pulverize
mesmerizing existence,

NO smoking; NO beads of drearily rotten sweat dribbling from the
forehead; no preposterously pugnacious scent of the obsolete gutters
emanating from harmonious body perspiration,

NO smoking; NO irascibly murderous vacillations of the heart; not even
most inconspicuous maelstroms of penalizing blood pressure and

NO smoking; NO indefatigably abhorrent series of pathetically whooping
cough; not even the most diminutive trace of gory infection in the
chords of
the enchantingly sensuous throat,

NO smoking; NO coffins of horrifically crippling cancer rampantly
the poignant bloodstreams; surreptitiously clambering up the body to
devilishly inflict the chapters of permanent death,

NO smoking; NO inhibitions whatsoever in melanging with the lap of
sacrosanct nature; and every panoramic fruit of God's unsurpassably
bountiful creation; wholeheartedly welcoming your immaculately

NO smoking; NO tense apprehensions of a miserably truncated life; not
the most mercurial of fear at all of prematurely snapping the fangs of
existence; with your very own trembling hands,

NO smoking; NO indiscriminately whipping malice; with every religion;
caste; creed; color; tribe on this planet; symbiotically blending in
religion of priceless mankind,

NO smoking; NO recklessly sleepless nights; with licentiously bellicose
nightmares maiming you beyond the realms of sagacious recognition,

NO smoking; NO diffidently stumbling footsteps; not even the most
parsimonious trace of fear encapsulating your countenance,

NO smoking; NO salaciously coldblooded parasites loitering all over
traumatically frazzled body; truculently evicting even the last ounce
your exuberant energy,

NO smoking; NO aimlessly ominous wandering in the corridors of vengeful
neglect; not even the most invisible trace of vindictively forlorn and
malevolent obsession,

NO smoking; NO ignominious condemnation thrusted into your nimble face;
opprobrious rebuke assassinating you on every step that you

NO smoking; NO blood stained tears rolling down your harmless cheeks;
even the slightest trace of castigating anguish enshrouding the
contours of your face,

NO smoking; NO wars of savagely destroying loneliness annihilating
trace of your vivid exhilaration; with a sky of unfathomably unending
freshness miraculously coalescing with your stride,

NO smoking; NO witnessing your profusely decaying form in the mirror
dawn; with the beats of everlasting sensuousness forever being the
embellishment of your innocent eyes,

NO smoking; NO regret for the celestially scintillating chapter of
life; not
even the most diminutive curse of past lives; ever caressing you for
timeless times,

NO smoking; NO ruthlessly abrading your destiny lines with your own
with every instant of life unfurling into a garden of bountifully
beauty and graciousness,

NO smoking; NO demons pilfering into your visage as the Sun went behind
sky; with the Omnipotent glow of righteousness forever being as your
companion; your only and unbreakable pride,

NO smoking; NO ghosts perilously decimating you from all sides; with a
paradise of invincibly princely triumph irrevocably kissing you till
very end of your time,

NO smoking; NO squeamishly threadbare dirt imprisoning every element of
demeanor; with the mantra of synergistic existence being your only
fodder to
spell bindingly survive,

NO smoking; NO noose tightening ghastily round your intricately
neck; with every aspect of life suddenly illuminating with ebulliently
untamed gusto and aristocratic cheer,

NO smoking; NO savagely blood shot and torturously dry eyes; not even
most infidel blemish of dolorously pale blackness on the contours of
resplendently silken skin,

NO smoking; NO repentance for uselessly leading enamoring life; not
even the
most fugitive feeling of massacring the heart of God's gloriously

NO smoking; NO challenging the laws of pricelessly proliferating
synergistically surrendering every iota of your visage to the
treasurehouse of royal mankind,

NO smoking; NO painstakingly walking through stringently restricted
with every organism on this Universe traversing shoulder to shoulder
the zone of; ubiquitously Omnipotent mankind,

NO smoking; NO sporadic stuttering of vivaciously volatile breath; not
the most tiniest of impediment in the passage of euphorically
air and existence,

NO smoking; NO thorns of acrimoniously criminal prejudice and bloody
with the pathways of survival astoundingly radiating with the
vibrant elixir of friendship and irrefutably spell binding prosperity,

NO smoking; NO ghostly incarceration of the conscience in corpses of
remorseful stagnation; with the rainbow of sparklingly heavenly truth
reigning supreme for infinite more births yet to unveil,

And NO smoking; NO bidding adieu to the fabric of Omnisciently
ever-pervading life; with the entrenchment of sacrosanct existence
perpetually blending forever and ever and ever with the Creator Divine...


You might brutally condemn her all day and treacherous
night; disdainfully dismissing as the staggeringly
weaker sex of this mystically gargantuan planet,

You might not allow her egalitarian opportunities in
the fantastically contemporary world; saying that she
was a lividly lousy misfit; to be working amongst
machismo men,

You might bawdily stare at every of her kind; with the
diabolically lunatic hunger in your eyes; at times
disastrously tainting her impeccably sacred identity,

You might hedonistically lambaste her since the very
first cry of her beautiful birth; unrelentingly
cursing your destiny; for not giving you the crusader
to continue the name of your tribe,

You might truculently gouge her mesmerizing eyes; on
the spurious pretext of adding more optimism in your
life; while it was hardly an issue that she forlornly
groped in the blind,

You might lecherously proclaim every iota of her
pristine skin as profanely adulterated to the planet
outside; just so that she could inexorably slave for
none other; than your unsavory stride,

You might intransigently abuse her as devastatingly
illiterate; not construing the principles of
management on this earth; as she swished her
voluptuous hair under the profoundly blazing Morning

You might indiscriminately massacre her enchanting
skull; on the feckless pretext that it had no brain;
and would serve better when used as preposterous
gibberish for the foolhardy pigs,

You might feed her just a single glass of parsimonious
gutter water in the entire day; baselessly defending
your theory that the male of the house; should extract
every iota of nutrition to work; instead,

You might pay a deaf ear to her traumatized wails in
her times of uncompromising duress; dismissing her to
be entirely inconsequential and a piece of frigid
shit; when compared to your swanky office interiors
and computer files,

You might incarcerate her in fetid chains within the
dustbins of your house; ruthlessly trading her flesh
for a stupid wad of currency notes; that you could
splurge on your champagne's and designer perfumes;

You might morbidly silence her with your mordantly
ferocious voice; saying that her rhythmically soft
whispers were like dead rat squeals; infront of your
dynamically blazing countenance,

You might grotesquely mimic her priceless
sensitivity; having an untamed guffaw soon thereafter;
with your senseless compatriots on the politicians

You might torturously use her as only a silken
ornament for your every night; disposing her into
oceans of avenging acid with nonchalant phlegmatism;
as the first beams of Sun crept up in the sky,

You might wholeheartedly ridicule her bountiful
compassion for humanity; the unsurpassable
entrenchment of effeminate sensuousness that she left;
on every trail that she haplessly wandered,

You might consider her vividly heavenly form to be an
unsolicited burden on the trajectory of this globe;
menacingly envisaging to use her live bones; embedded
in the foundations of your sinister corporate office;

You might perpetually grant her the status of a
maid-servant in your opulent castle; proudly telling
the world as to how faithfully she licked that extra
iota of grime on your boots; so that you always
shimmered like a prince; every unfurling minute of the

You might salaciously close even the most diminutive
element of her breath; thrusting your 10 ton form
directly on her immaculate face; just because the
ground beside you had no grass to sit,

You might ludicrously betray her of every shade of
love in her impoverished life; tyrannically torching
her divinely chest; just because the beats of her
heart proved a trifle too loud for your nocturnal

And do you want O! Devilish Man; demonstrate your
cannibalistically chauvinistic manpower to every
single female on earth if you so choose; but remember
that you in the first place weren't born from
invisible air;

It was female's Omnipotent womb that bore you; it was
a female's Omnipotent womb that harnessed your every
breath; it was a female's Omnipotent womb that
selflessly gave all its blood to evolve your fantastic
brain; infact it was that very female's Omnipotent
womb; which gave you the power to desire; create; and
what you sinfully wanted to devastate; today....


We aren't afraid of the treacherous ountains; infact keep them in our
side pockets,

We aren't afraid of the freezing winds; infact
sheltered them in a solitary whisker of our profusely poignant

We aren't afraid of the lethal bullets flying
horrendously around; infact we face them with our chests escalating
unflinchingly and handsome towards the azure sky,

We aren't afraid of the acrimoniously sweltering sands; infact caress
like a prince marching uninhibitedly towards the corridors of victory,

We aren't afraid of overwhelming thirst; infact posses the capacity to
remain without a droplet of water; it the situation so demands,

We aren't afraid of mighty avalanches of snow; infact treated them like
insipid broomsticks sticking innocuously to our valiant eyelashes,

We aren't afraid of indiscriminate abuse; infact let them pass like
of disdainful shit; from one ear of ours to the other,

We aren't afraid of the most ominous of crocodile; infact carried his
skin intrepidly; with a profound sense of equanimity on our shoulders,

We aren't afraid of tumultuously vindictive storm; infact inhaled its
merciless winds with astronomical ease through our fearless nostrils,

We aren't afraid of perpetual blackness; infact stared at it in its
eye; till it wholesomely disappeared into infinitesimal wisps of
non-existent sky,

We aren't afraid of truckloads of blood; infact shed it with
supreme pride; to defend the soil on which we tread since our first

We aren't afraid of the battalion of satanic swords gushing towards our
head; infact held them like peanuts in our palms; inscribing our names
their tips on our belligerently barren chests,

We aren't afraid of excruciating pain; infact smiled indefatigably
whilst in
the heart of it; and till the time our mission was blissfully

We aren't afraid of inexplicable spirits loitering in the atmosphere;
coined our own destinies; with sweat of sweet perseverance; flowing
gloriously from
our audaciously muscled shoulders,

We aren't afraid of lecherous politics; infact blow the manipulative
involved; with minuscule draughts of our drearily languid breath,

We aren't afraid of the most horrifically traumatic aftermaths; infact
accept them with an invincible glow radiating resiliently from our

We aren't afraid of sacrificing our lives at the slightest intimation;
infact ardently waited for our chance to relinquish breath; and blend
impeccable souls with the Almighty Creator,

We aren't afraid of losing our loved ones; infact had bid them adieu
forever; when we plunged wholeheartedly on our path towards irrefutable

Just one minute; before you start thinking that we were God's; let me
clarify that we were not; but we definitely take unfathomable pleasure
proclaiming ourselves to be the immortal soldiers of our


Grow more trees; profoundly disseminate the essence of
symbiotically majestic existence; to even the most
remotely fathomless quarters of this gigantic

Grow more trees; marvelously diffuse the shades of
resplendent tranquility; to all those souls
mercilessly bereaved in the corpses of truculently
bizarre manipulation,

Grow more trees; astoundingly spawn a civilization of
gloriously rejuvenating freshness; on every
remorsefully treacherous graveyard of abhorrent

Grow more trees; irretrievably feel like the most
blessed organism alive; although your pockets didn't
have even the most inconspicuous of currency coin,

Grow more trees; handsomely evict yourself from the
sanctimonious cigar smoke and wine; letting the pious
energy in your soul; gush out like streaks of
torrential lightening in the Kingly sky,

Grow more trees; become the most benign harbinger of
all mankind; astonishingly transmitting God's message
of immaculate peace; via the entrenchment of fruitful

Grow more trees; bountifully embrace the winds of
mesmerizing peace and evergreen happiness; for
infinite more births of your yet to unveil,

Grow more trees; Omnisciently metamorphose the
unfathomable ocean of heinously malicious
adulteration; into the sky of beautifully enthralling

Grow more trees; ubiquitously propagate the essence of
triumphant equality; amongst immortals and
monotonously wandering mortals; handsomely alike,

Grow more trees; let the philanthropic river of
melody; be the only divine virtue; that flowed
everlastingly on this fathomlessly eclectic planet,

Grow more trees; ingeniously innovate more ardently
than ever before; with the exhilaratingly ebullient
breeze; taking wholesome control of your disastrously
dwindling mind; body and soul,

Grow more trees; stringently prevent the rot of
disdainfully fretful disease; uninhibitedly allowing
the balm of ingratiatingly sacrosanct mother nature;
to heal even the most inexplicably gory of your

Grow more trees; divert the corpses of victimizing
hatred towards the coffins of egregious oblivion; with
immortal love taking complete control of your nimble

Grow more trees; boundlessly sparkle like the pearl of
unfettered victory; to coin the milestones
flamboyantly scintillating success; transcending
beyond the realms of fulfilling paradise,

Grow more trees; unrelentingly watch a valley of
pristine togetherness unleash; in every conceivable
direction that you dared to tread,

Grow more trees; feel stupendously closer to your
trail of fascinatingly aboriginal rudiments; amiably
blending with the feathers of silken goodness,

Grow more trees; intransigently gain more inspiration
to coalesce with those haplessly staggering;
endeavoring your best to wholeheartedly accept all
living kind; jubilantly alike,

Grow more trees; let the indiscriminate stab holes of
lecherous traitors; be washed forever with the
endlessly forgiving fountain of mother nature,

Grow more trees; timelessly transform all traces of
maniacally obsessive behavior; into an unsurpassable
sea of heavenly sensuousness,

Grow more trees; let the entrenchment of unparalleled
seduction; creep into your murderously plotting soul;
every unfurling minute of the Sunlit day and burgeon
more prolifically in the complexion of the wonderfully
star-studded night,

Grow more trees; magnificently dance to the tunes of
holistic survival; with the profoundly fabulous spread
of the peacocks feathers; tickling your insane senses
as water tumbled down from crimson sky,

Grow more trees; blissfully enshroud yourself with the
mantra of unconquerable humanity; insurmountably
tantalizing every ingredient of your brutally famished
blood; with a gorge of panoramically unbelievable

Grow more trees; Omnipresently substitute the
torturously tyrannical lechery of blistering sands;
with overwhelmingly conjuring meadows of parrot green,

Grow more trees; bid a permanent goodbye to
derogatorily penalizing smoke; kicking its threadbare
visage away with strokes of vibrantly ravishing

Grow more trees; exotically attract untamed
cloudbursts of poignantly thunderous rain; regally
sweeping boundless landscapes of sleazy grime; with
the most priceless blessings of the Almighty Lord,

Grow more trees; insatiably mesmerize even the most
obfuscatedly alien and blood stained entities; with
the aristocratic drapery of incomprehensibly unlimited

Grow more trees; gorgeously erupt into thundershowers
of ardently blazing desire; with the vividly
Oligarchic rustling of the leaves splendidly
transiting you into impregnable sleep at the onset of

Grow more trees; let the beautifully philandering
artist in you fulminate out to the most unprecedented
limits; celestially deluging every gruesomely barren
cranny of this earth; with royal graciousness,

Grow more trees; let the fruits of divinely
fructifying nature be your never ending companion;
melanging with your benign spirit till the absolute
end of your time,

Grow more trees; be perennially seated on thrones of
innocuously embellishing prosperity; with the
unparalleled majesty of the intoxicating atmosphere
forming bonds of unassailable camaraderie with your
impeccable conscience,

Grow more trees; inhale unending mountains of
gregariously fresh breath; into the jacket of your
abominably pulverized and salaciously deteriorating

Grow more trees; waft the scent of holistically
undefeatable mankind; to every entity satanically
entangled in the ghastly deadlock of macabre war,

Grow more trees; tirelessly reminisce the moments of
your immaculately intrepid childhood; with the
boisterous chattering of the profusely rain soaked
sparrows; euphorically putting all your traumatizing
sorrow to a perpetual rest,

Grow more trees; wonderfully interact with
Omnipotently endowing nature at close quarters; sowing
the seeds of irrefutably sparkling truth; on every
stony lane besieged with forlorn lies,

Grow more trees; let the waves of synergistically
united existence; replace all vindictive apprehensions
of caste; creed; religion and spurious tribe,

Grow more trees; fabulously encapsulate the whites of
your pathetically dwindling eye; with the unfathomably
vivacious elixir of charismatically blessing life,

Grow more trees; poignantly invite the heavenly
festoon of scarlet clouds; even in the most
acrimoniously unsparing of afternoon sunlight,

Grow more trees; relentlessly rejoicing in the most
versatile creation of the Almighty Creator;
beautifully replenishing each element of your
waveringly fatigued demeanor; with the unshakably
sacred colors of life,

Grow more trees; enticingly let the indomitable
whirlpools of passionate desire; magically swell in
every horrifically depleted region; of your
barbarically betraying body,

Grow more trees; witness God's most revered process of
procreation; symbiotically evolve as each day unveiled
into the romantically iridescent night,

Grow more trees; forever acclimatize with the tunes of
blossoming laughter; wholesomely repelling even the
most infidel trace of negativity in your persona; to
the firmament of hell from where it had originally

Grow more trees; let the chapter of godly existence
continue forever and ever and ever; and this time with
the Omniscient mantra of LIVE AND LET LIVE;
irrefutably culminating from your splendidly
purposeful and patriotically dedicated stride.....


Name = You could call him Allah, Bhagwan, Christ, Buddha, or an
forms of invincibly Omnipotent goodness...

Age= Ageless. Existing as the most pricelessly Omniscient image in the
entire Universe; till even times beyond infinite infinity...

Height= Indomitably towering above all on this brilliantly victorious
Universe; till even centuries beyond the definition of time had ceased

Religion= Every religion that irrefutably leads towards the paradise of
sharing; towards the paradise of united fearlessness...

Favorite Color = The color of unshakably Omnipresent and timelessly

Favorite Drink= The drink of simplistically insuperable and gloriously
infallible honesty...

Favorite Moment= Every unflinchingly unfurling moment which diffuses
essence of peace and harmoniously mesmerizing symbiotism...

Favorite Attire= Any speck of fabric which royally radiates the
fragrance of
altruistic truth for times immemorial...

Favorite Animal= Every organism that exists in holistically sparkling
and unsurpassable camaraderie with its blessed surroundings...

Favorite Quote= Live and Beautifully Let live; and I promise you that
element of prosperity in the cosmos would be yours forever...

Favorite Cities= Every granule of earth breathing in uninhibitedly
unadulterated freedom and miraculously obeying Nature Divine...

Favorite Route= Every pathway that veritably leads you to inimitably
unparalleled goodness...

Favorite Car= Any set of wheels which transports you to the destination
your pristinely majestic heart; without indiscriminately pulverizing
the most infinitesimal organism on ground...

Favorite Time= Any instant when miraculously sacrosanct life spawns out
the aisles of drearily livid nothingness...

Favorite Sport= The game of mischievously enchanting and unending
flirtation; which kept even an entity nearing his corpse; as young as
freshly born child...

Favorite Dwelling= Every abode which harbors the wave unbreakably
revitalizing companionship in good times and bad; whether it be even an
inconspicuously non-existent hole in the ground...

Favorite Scent= The perfume of tirelessly undefeatable proliferation;
astoundingly continuing the chapters of my gifted life...

Favorite Soldier= Every soldier who has the tenacity to singularly
bare-chested against the army of countless perfidious demons; happily
embracing death to immortalize the venerated lap of his mother soil...

Favorite Mantra= The mantra of Perpetually impeccable love; celestially
coalescing every caste; creed; color and tribe; into a breath of
unconquerably regale oneness...

Favorite Eyes= The eyes which waft perennial empathy; for all those
miserably deprived and haplessly tyrannized...

Favorite Persona= The persona which sees no evil; hears no evil; speaks
evil; mellifluously smiles to alleviate bereaved humanity; even in the
of maliciously dastardly defeat...

Favorite Word= Life. An entrenchment of unsurpassably spell binding
and synergistic survival transcending over every conceivable and
inconceivable thing in vicinity...

Favorite Therapy= The Balm of aristocratically emollient truth and
philanthropism; which wholesomely overrules even the most cancerous of
disease; which entirely transcends the most hedonistically murderous of


I have never witnessed the clouds bursting so
ferociously in the sky before; streaks of diabolical
lightening sweep viciously across the fathomless

I have never witnessed the waves rise so treacherously
in the oceans before; savagely clashing in torrents
against the chain of black rocks,

I have never witnessed the soil reverberate more
thunderously before; every structure on obdurate
ground collapsing like a pack of frigid matchsticks,

I have never witnessed the breeze so violently
rustling before; an incomprehensibly sinister voice
echo through the hollow valleys,

I have never wtinessed lava so fulminating from the
belly of earth before; charring even the most
infinitesimal of organism in near vicinity,

I have never witnessed avalanches build up so
prolifically before; mammoth mountains of insidiously
freezing ice; uncouthly devouring each innocuous
structure; as they diffused into infinite balls of

I have never witnessed that ominously orange tinge in
the sky before; the wave of untamed anger lingering
profound and austerely profuse; even after the Sun had
disappeared beyond the horizons,

I have never witnessed the Moon stay so long behind
the blanket of clouds before; accentuating evil shades
of the night to the most unprecedented limits,

I have never witnessed the river swell so gigantically
before; incarcerating even the most astronomical
summit of the colossal mountain; in its tumultuous

I have never witnessed the fires blazing so poignantly
before; with the flames relentlessly crackling; even
torrential downpours of inclement rain,

I have never witnessed the scorpions running so
menacingly in the fields before; ready to stab their
venomous fangs into whomsoever who came their way,

I have never witnessed the battalion of vultures
soaring so ardently over the bustling city; awaiting
every unleashing minute to descend down; and pluck the
eyes of humble entities hovering around,

I have never witnessed the atmosphere turn a ghastly
scarlet at the unveiling of ethereal dawn; droplets of
satanic blood raining down unrelentingly from the
festoon of tree leaves,

I have never witnessed the sands whistle at such
thunderbolt velocities before; wholesomely blinding
innocuous personalities who unwittingly crept their

I have never witnessed the fleet of panthers unite
together before; galloping towards the blissful
township; to ruthlessly pulverize the township of
impeccable humans into raw bone,

I have never witnessed the rocks tumble down in such a
rampant frenzy before; fanatically augmenting their
fervor as they were just about to kiss the chocolate
brown mud,

I have never witnessed spider weaving its web so
boisterously before; oozing countless threads every
single second to strangulate its timid prey; to
horrendous death,

And I have never witnessed everything in such a
frantic turmoil before; everything barbarically
looming like a sword upon the holistic earth,

Therefore it is my humble plea to you O! Almighty
Lord; on behalf of all my philanthropic countrymen;
please forgive us if we might have committed anything
inadvertently against your Omnipotent grace; and even
if you don't want to forgive us; please save this
mesmerizing planet from disastrous extinction.


No petal is ever born disdainfully decayed; from the womb of the redolently
mesmerizing and celestially effulgent flower,

No fledgling is ever born a hideously treacherous vulture; from the womb of
the uninhibitedly ecstatic and timelessly soaring bird,

No raindrop is ever born smeared with satanic blood; from the womb of the
impeccably glorious and fathomlessly endowing sky,

No ray is ever born a mass of bedlam nothingness; from the womb of the
Omnipotently Golden and brilliantly optimistic Sun,

No sound is ever born cold-bloodedly cacophonic; from the womb of the
vividly resplendent and ebulliently mellifluous nightingale,

No flake of ice is ever born cannibalistically brown; from the womb of the
innocuously placid and endlessly enamoring snowball,

No globule of milk is ever born sadistically venomous; from the womb of the
unsurpassably sacrosanct and benevolently munching cow,

No mischief is ever born insidiously crucifying; from the womb of the
vivaciously dancing and eternally cavorting rainbow,

No salt is ever born diabolically asphyxiating; from the womb of the
rhapsodically undulating and perennially poignant sea,

No soldier is ever born a disparagingly gory traitor; from the womb of the
Omnisciently proliferating and peerlessly blessing soil,

No echo is ever born ludicrously silent; from the womb of the unfathomably
deep and inscrutably reverberating gorge,
No truth is ever born an egregiously marauding lie; from the womb of the
unconquerably Omnipresent and Perpetually bestowing heavens,

No honey is ever born iconoclastically prejudiced; from the womb of the
fantastically boisterous and enchantingly exotic honey bee,

No fruit is ever born forlornly deteriorated; from the womb of the
quintessentially mollifying and blissfully symbiotic mud,

No lion is ever born mercilessly trampling; from the womb of the
uninhibitedly fearless and synergistically blossoming forest,

No epitome is ever born lugubriously crumbling; from the womb of the
invincibly compassionate and inimitably towering mountain,

No continent is ever born atrociously bombarding; from the womb of the
tirelessly panoramic and unbelievably majestic globe,

No breath is ever born hissing parasitically pugnacious fire; from the womb
of the insuperably heavenly and insurmountably moistened nostril,

No beat is ever born murderously betraying; from the womb of the
unassailably godly and passionately thundering heart,

And no organism is ever born a reproachfully indiscriminate terrorist; from
the womb of its unshakably priceless and altruistically blessing mother....


It stood taller than any other structure in the sky;
kissing the ensemble of cotton clouds as they drifted
It looked like a towering giant; infront of the
matchbox sized houses sprawled disdainfully around,
It caused infinite number of necks to stretch to their
maximum; and yet its summit eluded their eyes,
It offered spell binding views; and the privilege to
witness jumbo sized planes whistling from arms length
from its body,
It withstood the most tumultuous of storm; the most
thunderous of rain; incorrigibly refraining to budge
an inch from its original ground,
It was the first structure on which the rain fell from
the sky; later cascading down in minuscule rivulets
towards soil,
It was the lone warrior which loomed large above all;
when the entire city was inundated by a swirling
It appeared almost invincible; with its formidable
strength evading the mightiest of attack,
It reflected a tinge of robust pink; even when caught
unaware in the midst of escalating flames,
It was the most contemporary piece of architecture
ever existing; with its ergonomic interiors offering
luxury befitting a king,
It was the very first expedition that students
pursuing design were taken too; while visiting the
modern city,
It was a manifestation of a battalion of ingenious
design; involving countless engineers from all over
the planet,
It was a feast to sight for the naked human eye; with
its scintillating magnificently depicting the island
of flaming Sun,
It harbored unfathomable number of royal conference
rooms; golden elevators which transited you into a
surreal spin; transporting you to a thousand meters
above earth in fractions of seconds,
It was home for boundless individuals; evolving
incredulous technology as each day crept from the
It was the nerve center for all business and trade;
dictated life around the planet like nothing else did,

It was a monument about which; infinite lines had been
written in the past; with the ink in the pen
augmenting as each alphabet was drawn,
It was the stupendously captivating sight ever in
history; fomenting every contemporary artist to ponder
And even today; even as each of its impregnable floor
is reduced to raw ash; the perpetrators assuming
themselves to be victorious have miserably failed; as
its memories will live immortally in our hearts AND


If only the building was empty; with scintillating
mirrors on its wall creating a ghost appearance; then
I would have been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as it was occupied by
thousands of souls; laughing merrily and sipping coke.

If only the building was empty; with its computerized
interiors staring in mock silence; then I would have
been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as it echoed profoundly with
the voices of people inside; the occasional ringing
sounds of the mobile phones.

If only the building was empty; with its state of the
art architecture desperately waiting to be tapped;
then I would have been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as there was poignant
cigarette smoke hovering around; as scores of business
tycoons; contemplated on the economy in the majestic conference

If only the building was empty; with its satin carpets
sulking under the formal air-conditioners; then I
would have been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as there were several
youngsters munching sandwiches inside; strolling at
brusque speeds through the labyrinth of alleys.

If only the building was empty; with its silver
ceiling lights shimmering mournfully into open space;
then I would have been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as there were volumes of cargo
and citizen in the elevator; trying to reach the 100th
floor in an absolute jiffy.

If only the building was empty; with the emerald
drapery completely engulfing the windows; then I would
have been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as there were more than a lakh
eyes wandering around; trying to decipher enigmatic
puzzles embossed in bulky files.

If only the building was empty; with its diamond
studded doors stringently shut to the world; then I
would have been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as there were boundless
footsteps that were passionately heard; as a battalion
of executives marched in all day and night.

If only the building was empty; with its handsome
towers escalating lifelessly towards the sun; then I
would have been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as there were a million
needles of watch ticking from the wrists of flamboyant
professionals; ingeniously working on unfathomable
concepts and ideas.

If only the building was empty; with its heavily
scented ambience voluptuously drowning one off to
sleep; then I would have been the least bothered,
But now my heart cries; as there were shadows inside
looming larger by the minute; as darkness descended

And if only the building was empty; with its
magnificent assembly of chairs and tables lying
deserted inside; then I would have been the least
But now my heart cries; as there were more than fifty
thousand individuals breathing blissfully in the
corridors; awaiting death and inevitable pain; as the
hijacked airliner barbarically stormed its way in, and
crashed inside...

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