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EPIC Publishers

The following is a list of publishers that are members of EPIC, represented by one or more members.

To add an EPIC publisher, contact Kathy Sullivan. Publishers: Remember you can update your listing monthly. Kathy Sullivan can provide you with the HTML template so you can create your own listing content.

Index of Publishers
Amber Quill Press
Aphrodite's Apples
Asylett Press
Atlantic Bridge
Awe-Struck E-Books
Books For A Buck
Books Unbound E-Publishing Co.
Carnal Desires
Champagne Books
Changeling Press
Chippewa Publishing
Cobblestone Press
Computer Classics
Dark Eden Press
DiskUs Publishing
Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.
Drollerie Press
ePress Online
eXtasy Books
The Fiction Works
Freya's Bower
GASLight Publishing LLC
Guardian Angel Publishing
Lachesis Publishing
LBF Books
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
Living Beyond Reality Press
Logical Lust Publications
Lovestruck Books
Midnight Showcase
Mundania Press LLC
Oceans Mist Press
Oestara Publishing LLC
Phaze Books
Resplendence Publishing
Shadowrose Publishing
Silk's Vault Publishing
Siren Publishing, Inc.
Star Publish
Swimming Kangaroo
Tigress Press
Torquere Press
Total ebound
Treble Heart Books
Twilight Times Books
Twisted Shift
Uncial Press
Virtual Tales
Wild Child Publishing
The Wild Rose Press
Whiskey Creek Press
Wings ePress, Inc.
Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Your Information Center
Zumaya Publishing

Amber Quill Press


Aphrodite's Apples

Aphrodite's Apples is looking for fresh, well-written stories to add to our eBook and print lines. We are currently seeking manuscripts in the areas of fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, dark romance, romantic comedy, historical, time travel, paranormal, romantic suspense, horror, and western. Stories should have romance as a key element in the plot, whether they are a traditional romance, GLB romance or erotica. Please read over our submissions page and erotica guidelines before you query or submit.

Current Anthologies for which we are actively seeking submissions...

The same rules apply for anthology submission as our general guidelines. Please look them over before you send your query. Current titles that we are seeking submissions for include:


ArtemisPress, a division of SRS Internet Publishing, publishes high quality, thought-provoking feminist and lesbian fiction and nonfiction e-books of interest to the worldwide womyn's community. We are especially dedicated to publishing e-books that reflect the strength and diversity of our community. We now offer our e-book titles in HTML and Rocket Edition formats, in addition to our Acrobat Reader PDF and Palm Reader PDB editions!! Our Microsoft Reader (LIT) editions are available exclusively at amazon.com and powells.com. Our e-books are also now available as Print-On-Demand paperbacks.

Submissions are currently open. Sample contract and online query form available.

We are currently interested in feminist- and lesbian-centered Romance, Detective/Mystery, Fantasy and Science Fiction books of novel length (minimum 40,000 words.) We are also very interested in publishing biographies and autobiographies of famous (and, more importantly, not-so-famous) women who have led interesting, inspirational and courageous lives. We accept the following genres: Fiction - Mystery, Detective/Crime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance. Nonfiction - Biography, Autobiography, Travelogue, True Crime, "Coming Out" Stories. Although we have published them in the past as single-author collections, we are not currently accepting short stories or poetry.

Recently Released and Upcoming Releases include:

  • Faith In Love, a lively and humorous romance tale from British author Liann Snow.
  • Luna Ascending: Stories of Love and Magic, a magical and eclectic collection of short stories by Renee Brown.
  • Windrow Garden, the electronic edition of Janet McClellan's lesbian Romance novel.
  • Clicking Stones, the electronic edition of Nancy Tyler Glenn's Lambda Literary Award-nominated mystical Romance novel. COMING SOON!
  • Zoo Gang Girls, a satirical Science Fiction novel by Joan Arndt. IN PRODUCTION!

Buy any e-book from our current fiction releases and receive one from our Classic literature series... your choice and it's FREE! Join our Artemis Archers' Rewards Program and earn bows you can redeem towards free e-books and select items from our Goddess Gear Shop! (More info)

Atlantic Bridge

Atlantic Bridge is a full service, royalty paying e-publisher. Our doors have been open since February 2000 and through these past years, our focus has remained the same. That focus is to publish the highest quality books from the most outstanding authors we discover.

We are looking for manuscripts from creative writers of fiction genres such as Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, along with Celtic stories of myth and legend.

We are looking for that "something different", that "something unique" which doesn't fit into the mold or stands just outside the box. We are looking for those works which create a paradigm shift within a genre or sub genre. Those stories where the reader doesn't know what will happen in the next chapter or can guess the outcome ten pages into the book!

Awe-Struck E-Books

We publish ebook titles in Romance, Sci fi, Sci fi romance, Western romance, Inspirational, New Age, Teen, Historical, Regency. And we are unique to the reading world with our Ennoble titles that feature heroes with disabilities!

Our May releases are:

  • -- Wild Honey, by Historical romance by Janet M. Quinn. Stranded in the gold fields of Colorado, Melanie Whittaker opens a business, having given up on finding love. Then Marshal Callum Reynolds steals her heart. But can she trust his love when he insists she would be safer elsewhere? Then her business is threatened and she might have to leave. Can they find lasting happiness if life wants them apart?
  • -- Heaven's Blue, Inspirational romance by Penelope Marzec. At a remote research station, a scientist hires a stranger traveling with his young son. Though she discovers the man has abducted his child, she does not report him to the authorities. She must finish her research or lose the first home she has ever had. When she loses her heart, she finds a home is nothing without the people she loves.
  • -- Penny's Luck, Romantic suspense by Gwynn Morgan. Book 1 of the Copper Stars of Cochise Trilogy. Recent divorcee Penny Keller is determined to build herself a new life. A dispatcher job with the Sheriff's Department fills her need for employment but puts her in the middle of a long-term feud between Chief Criminal Deputy Pete Lawson and Deputy Valdez Hawke. Penny finds herself drawn to both men but encounters barriers to a relationship with either of them. As a major drug case unfolds, secrets both past and present are uncovered and the middle becomes a dangerous and uncomfortable place to be. Penny must make choices and take sides, winning through to the lasting love she had not dared to dream she'd find.

Books featured on our index page are always on sale for $3.99. In addition, our Flash Book Club subscribers get extra-special deals every day. Subscribe at http://www.awe-struck.net/NL/nl.html.

Books For A Buck

BooksForABuck.com is a royalty-paying eBook publisher that specializes in novel-length genre fiction (romance, mystery, and science fiction/fantasy). We pay 50% royalties (paid on gross sales made directly and on gross revenues when sold through distribution). BooksForABuck.com continues to offer some of the web's best and most affordable electronic fiction.

In addition to eBooks, BooksForABuck.com provides hundreds of reviews of genre novels (including both electronically and traditionally published novels) as well as writing resources.

Our most recently published e-books are:

Andromakhe, Vol. I--Mystery, Blessing and Tragedy by Kristina O'Donnelly

The magic of Troy comes to life in this historical fantasy told from the standpoint of Andromakhe, wife of Hector. Together, Andromakhe and Hector challenge the fates that doom Troy. O'Donnelly's vision brings the female side to the heroics (and slaughter) of Troy and also explores the battle between traditional matriarchal traditions and the new patriarchal direction. Only $3.99

Dead On by Michael Paulson

In a hard-boiled detective thriller, Private Eye Deacon Bishop's client is murdered and an innocent man confesses. Bishop sticks around south Texas to investigate and finds police corruption, drugs, and blondes. Finding the truth behind the murder is tougher--and so is staying alive. Only $3.99

Veil Of The Goddess by Rob Preece. (Thriller with romantic and paranormal elements)

National Guard Sergeant Ivy Newland discovers the True Cross while investigating a bombed mosque in Iraq. With the mysterious Foundation desperate to claim the power of the Cross, Ivy, along with Captain Zack Herrera, flee across Iraq, Kurdistan, Turkey, and Italy. Guided by a vision from a long-vanished priestess, Ivy seeks a way to stop the Foundation's goal of bringing about the end-times. Only $3.99

Prospective authors may query electronically at [email protected].

Books Unbound E-Publishing Co.

Books Unbound E-Publishing Co. is a royalty-paying publisher of e-books, founded in 2002. We aim to bring excellent books to readers and to bring readers to authors. There is a promising future in electronic publishing and we are working to be a leader in that future.

We seek quality stories and quality writing. Over 30% of our books that have been entered in the EPPIES have qualified for the finals. We welcome your visit to Books Unbound.

Our current selections include:

Little Sisters of War cover by L. Cholowsky Little Sisters of War, by Harvey R. Tate.
The Shenandoah Valley is the setting for a women's lacrosse team on a quest for a winning season. The Native American connection and the spirituality of The Creator's Game are portrayed through the eyes of Kate Warner in her final season at tiny Spottswood College. It is a season that borders on disaster and hints of glory. Pulled hamstrings, bruises, and the stress of academic pursuits are only part of the distractions. Each distraction, each setback, exposes the strength of these young women.

The Lincoln Room cover by D. Lee
The Lincoln Room, by Valerie J. Patterson.
When a diary that's nearly 100 years old falls into the hands of Alexaundra Jerdan, she's compelled to read the brittle pages until the ugly truth about her hometown comes to the surface. A secret highland has kept since the mid-1800s: one founding family has been singled out to ensure the town's good health and wealth. Alex is shocked to find out what happens to this family's women on their thirtieth birthdays. By their husbands. In the Lincoln Room.

Two of our most popular books are:

Beyond The Horizon, by D. Lee and Kammy Bonias.

He is a warrior from a distant star, sent here to claim Earth. He didn't expect to find the one person his soul had searched the stars for. She is a reporter, born with an adventurous spirit. Being thrust in the middle of a galactic war was more adventure than she had dreamed of.

Plausible Deniability, by Wayne Arnold.

Albert Johnson is a legend at the CIA. As he prepares for retirement, he has one last task before him. He must destroy his career-long nemesis - a rogue KGB agent named Kirlov. The conflict starts as a fistfight and escalates, threatening the world with an environmental and nuclear holocaust. Only Albert Johnson can prevent it.

Submission information is available at Books Unbound Submissions.

Carnal Desires

Carnal Desires Publishing


In October of 2007 , Carnal Desires Publishing , a subsidiary of Double Dragon Publishing, Inc., will offer works of literary erotica targeting mature, sophisticated, uninhibited readers who frankly enjoy character-driven erotic romance novels featuring explicit sensual scenes. We will offer each work of erotic fiction as an ebook, and, if the author so wishes, as a paperback.

When we open for submissions on September 1, 2007 , we will be looking for erotic novels that feature both high literary quality and supremely original story lines. Not only must vivid portrayals of sexual encounters be integral to a riveting plot featuring fascinating, well-developed characters, erotic scenes must form an essential aspect of the plot. So must romance.

We will accept submissions from both published and unpublished authors, but we will insist that all authors who submit manuscripts rigorously adhere to our submission guidelines . Authors: be sure to download the template offered at the end of the guidelines. This document will greatly assist you to format your submission as we request.

Our site is currently up and running. Four erotic novels have been released for sale before our official opening date of October 26, 2007:

Champagne Books

Falling in love, one romance at a time

Changeling Press

Changeling Press

We publish sci-fi, futuristic, paranormal, fantasy, suspense, horror, humor, and fetish love stories. What's a love story? While there should be a highly erotic and romantic element to the book, relationships and endings should be plot driven. We're looking for the unique, the improbable, maybe even the impossible -- especially the unreal. Push the envelope, write outside the box, and let your creative muse out to play. We've got our asbestos gloves ready!

Still not sure what we want? Read our books! Changeling Press is waiting... for you to turn up the heat and blow away our readers. What do you have to lose -- except your inhibitions?

Please read our detailed submissions guidelines and length requirements at www.changelingpress.com.


Chippewa Publishing LLC

Chippewa Publishing LLC is a multi-genre publisher of electronic and trade paperback books. Our book ratings range from adult to young adult, with various sub-genres and categories. The lengths of our books cover a wide span - from the very short story to the full-length novel. The current trend in our business is the trend seen across the market: paranormal ghost, vampire, and shapeshifter stories.

We are open to multi-published and previously unpublished authors who like to write exciting, and sometimes controversial, material. If you would like to send a submission to Chippewa, please make sure to read the submission guidelines posted on our website at www.chippewapublishing.com as our needs change over time.

Chippewa Publishing is proud to be affiliated with The Woofenill Works, Inc., an independent film producer located in New York City. Beginning in the summer of 2006, many of our manuscripts whose accompanying screenplays are under option to The Woofenill Works, will be released as ebooks and trade paperbacks with the potential for a motion picture or mini-series option. Please visit our website for more information on the relationship between Chippewa Publishing and The Woofenill Works, Inc.


Cobblestone Press

We are an electronic publisher of sensual and erotic romance seeking creative storytelling and original style. Because we at Cobblestone Press are selective about what we accept, we are looking for authors to set the standard of writing for this new press; authors that show extraordinary ability to weave tales of romance through strong, unforgettable characters, plots that twist and turn with layers of conflict and emotion, and a style that sets them apart from other writers in the market.

Submission Guidelines: http://www.cobblestone-press.com/submissions.htm
Contact: [email protected]

Computer Classics

Computer Classics

Computer Classics® has been producing electronic books since 1987. Graphic images, voice, sound effects, and text displayed at eight reading or comprehension speeds are combined to present a moving book. Originally known as Timed-Sequence Learning, the first electronic book was created in 1984. The first title was The Story of Creation. The most notable product was News Disk®. Created in 1989, News Disk® was the first newspaper on computer. In 1992, News Disk ® was included in an exhibit of computer software at the National Demonstration Lab at the Smithsonian Institute and the Library of Congress.

Computer Classics® recently released, in pdf and trade paper, Two Bullets for Sergeant Franks. Written by 84 year-old Ms. Sarah Jane Singer, Two Bullets for Sergeant Franks is a combination of stories, of the Civil War, she heard as a young girl. The Ram of God by Edward Ronny Arnold - based on the Bantu legend of the Beberu Munga (Ram of God). Scheduled for release in the Spring of 2004. Faith: the First and the Foundation by Gavin Grannis Lustre - a collection of poems inspired by the Bible. Night of the Double Moon by Ms. Sarah Jane Singer - a real ghost story of events that occurred in the 1920's.

Dark Eden Press

Dark Eden Press

Dark Eden Press is a royalty-paying publisher free of fees to authors. We are looking for quality erotic stories in all genres and word counts. We encourage authors who will push the limits of what is erotic and considered taboo to submit to our press. To find out more information about Dark Eden Press and review our submission guidelines visit our website! We hope to see your submission soon!

DiskUs Publishing

DiskUs Publishing was created from a dream stirred by electrons in 1995, DiskUs Publishing is proud of the strides it has made since its launch in the early hours of 1996. We set out with one goal in mind...to present readers with a variety of quality fiction and non-fiction in as many formats as necessary for them to enjoy reading books in electronic bindings.

Little did we realize in the beginning that we, as a publisher, would be featured as a pioneer in the development of the epublishing industry in the likes of the Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine, Publisher's Weekly, Wired, Salon and a host of other publications. Nor, did we foresee publishing the #1 best selling ebook of 1999, the first year such rankings were kept. But we did and we have...and we continue to strive for the best and the brightest...bringing to readers the kind of entertainment and information they've come to expect from DiskUs Publishing.

Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. currently seeks 50,000-95,000 word SFF & F and SFR (SF Romance) novels and anthologies by single authors (US only at this time).

Submit new manuscripts under the DFP Books label and reprints under the Firehorse Books label. R-rated books are discouraged; no erotica or graphic subject matter. See our Guidelines page for more details and for links to online query forms.

See our Events page for upcoming workshops and appearances.

Drollerie Press

Drollerie Press publishes transformative fiction in electronic and print format. We welcome stories set anywhere, anywhen, or across any genre, as long as they in some way re-imagine the themes and stories that resonate with humanity, now and through the ages.

Drollerie Press began as a haven for authors and readers who never outgrew fairytales, or vampire stories, or ghost yarns, but learned to enjoy reading adult fare as well. We're the ones who read the stories of White Corn Woman for fun, or travel the desert with Coyote. We pity the Rusalka. We fly with angels. We hear the howls of the dog who finds murdered men's bones and digs them up again.

You might characterize some of our stories as, at least in part, speculative fiction, mythic fiction, slipstream, new weird, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, paranormal, magical realism, or even horror. We hope that many of them will also be erotic, but we're more interested in good writing than multiplicity of sex scenes. Our authors use all these tools, and varied genres, to write good stories. We are currently specifically interested in stories of all lengths that look at fairytales in unique and unusual ways and in re-tellings of Native American myth.


Welcome to ebooksonthe.net where you can experience pure reading pleasure via the ebook.

The publishers at ebooksonthe.net are dedicated to providing the best in quality epublishing standards. Each book is carefully selected by the editors and publishers with a wide variety of reading information and entertainment needs in mind.



[email protected]

ePress-online, a full service, royalty paying, multi-genre publisher, is currently accepting submissions for novel-length Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, American Historical, Mainstream and non-fiction books on the Craft Of Writing. We offer our authors a contract for e-books in 10 formats as well as an option for print as a trade paperback.

Fiction Guidelines: http://www.epress-online.com/submission-guidelines.htm
Non-fiction Guidelines: http://www.epress-online.com/query-guidelines.htm
Sample Contract: http://www.epress-online.com/contract.htm

eXtasy Books

Originally the erotic romance line of Zumaya, housed on the mother site, the eXtasy Amourotica Imprint was set up as an independent e-book publisher in 2003. The company has won high praise from both readers and reviewers for the quality of the catalog from its inception as a separate entity. eXtasy Books began as an "e-book only" proposition, but within a year, Fion's Daughters by Brenna Lyons became their first print title. The company publishes all manner of romance, traditional through sensual and erotic, as well as non-romance erotica. Their many awards include four EPPIE finalists, two Dream Realm finalists and one winner, two Honorable Mentions in the PEARL award and five finalists in the same.

TFW Logo

The Fiction Works

Welcome! We publish eBooks, audiobooks (theatrical productions) and paperbacks. Our latest releases are shown below (click on a cover).

GASLight Publishing LLC

GASLight Publishing will provide informative, enjoyable, and affordable books to illuminate the path to a brighter tomorrow for readers of all ages.  We will achieve this by providing an avenue for authors to have their work published in an environment that respects their true creativity.

Guardian Angel Publishing

A Publisher of Children's E Books & Musical E-Picture Book Interactives for toddlers, preschool and primary age children.

Genres: Children's Literature- 
Formats: ebook downloads, ebook on disk
Retail price ranges: $3- $5.95
FREE Ebooks too!

3 new imprints will be launched in 2006-
Angel to Angel will publishes picture books written and illustrated by kids for kids.
Littlest Angels publish personal books for toddlers and preschool age children.
Guardian Angel Pets publishes personalized books for pets.

Lachesis Publishing

Lachesis Publishing was founded in August 2006 by Carole Spencer. The house is a multi-genre publisher of outstanding works of fiction in all genres with various sub-genres from previously published authors to newly discovered talent.

Lachesis offers a full service, with quarterly royalty statements. Titles are available in both electronic and trade paperback formats and book ratings range from young adult to adult categories.

If you would like to send a submission to Lachesis Publishing, please read the submission guidelines posted on the website at www.lachesispublishing.com/guidelines.htm as needs can quickly change. Visit us online at: www.lachesispublishing.com

LBF Books

Discover how LBF Books brings together the many talented authors and artists from around the globe to bring you a truly quality product. At LBF, we can offer you excitement, adventure, romance or fear through our ever growing range of novels. Want to get away from it all? Kick off your shoes and relax with our monthly release. We do not limit ourselves to any one genre and pride ourselves in marketing a truly quality product. We want the general public to enjoy their reading experience and view the talent yet to be recognized for the artists they truly are.

Logical Lust Publications

Logical Lust Publications publishes erotica, romance, and erotic romance ebooks, with plans for print-on-demand underway. Our newest release, "Crimson Succubus - The Demon Chronicles", is entered in the Erotica category of the EPPIE 2007 awards.

We also have several new calls for submissionsfor forthcoming publications, and offer a selection of free stories & poetry on the website, for which we accept submissions anytime.

Currently we are very actively looking for novel/anthology/author collection submissions for publication for all genres and sub-genres of romance, erotic romance, and erotica. Full terms of payments and/or royalties can be found on the author pages.

As part of our author resources, we operate T.E.L.L., The Erotic Literature League, an interactive email resource for readers and writers of all romance and erotica genres, aimed at mutual help and cooperation and developing writers' skills.

LoveStruck Books

LoveStruck Books is a new ebook publisher, specializing in romance with an edge. We are currently open for submissions. Please visit our website for details.

Midnight Showcase

At Midnight Showcase, 'Feel the Heat!' is more than just a catchy phrase. We specialize in Romance and Erotica in all genres. We love captivating and edgy stories with complex characters that keep a reader thinking about the story after the power is off on their equipment. Our formats include eBook, print and audio. We consider it high flattery to hear a reader comment on the 'other wonderful stories', when they choose an anthology that includes the work of a favorite author.

Midnight Showcase also offers services for visually impaired readers seeking large print or audio formats. For additional information on services for an impaired reader or listener, please contact management through our website.

We are open to providing our customers with new material and different formats. We accept varied lengths. Manuscripts should be in Rich Text Format (.RTF), with 12pt Times New Roman, with a first line indent of .03 inches. Don't include specialty formatting, text boxes, or graphics in the initial manuscript. See the submissions page on our website for details.

Our novels and digests include a variety of themes from sweet romance, to sizzling erotica. Recent series include a six-book set called, "Jaded Beasts" with the characters and themes based on the archetypes of Chinese Astrology. We also started the Spellfire, Texas series, based on the premise of a paranormal town outside of Houston, with interacting residents that include ghosts, mummies, gnomes, witches, fairies, aliens, vampires, djinni, and a few more creatures we dreamed up along the way. Spellfire magic attracts all types of readers, authors and characters.

Home of uncommonly good books for the discerning reader, Mundania Press is a publisher of select novels and anthologies.


Offering Extraordinary Books by Talented Authors.TM

Ocean's Mist Press

Ocean's Mist Press is the premier e-publisher of ethnic and traditional erotic romance novels, novellas, and short stories.

Ocean's Mist Press is an erotic romance publisher. We look to publish all genres; including fantasy, science fiction, mystery/suspense, vampire/werewolves, romantic comedy, chic lit, paranormal, historical, etc. Let us see stories that are engaging, strong with solid plots and fully developed characters.

We are specifically looking for characters of the following ethnic groups; Hispanics, African-American; Native American; Asian, etc. (I/R romances accepted).

The Mystique Romance Line:
Click for details on this new line: Mystique Romance Submissions

General Guidelines
We will be publishing stories in the following lengths: Short Stories (Word Count 5,000 to 14,999) Novella (Word Count 15,000 to 50,000) Novel (Word count 50,000 to 90,000) Royalty rate is 40% of Gross (that's the cover price) for single author titles. As an incentive to OMP authors that sell really well, we offer an extra 5% for titles that sell 100+ copies. So if one given title sells copies from 1-99 you are paid 40% royalties and once the title hits the 100+ mark the royalty fee rate goes up to 45%. And if the title sells over 500+ copies the royalty rate goes up to 50%. At this time, we are interested in shorts (around 10,000-18,000 words), novellas (around 19,000-30,000 words) and category sized novels (around 31,000-40,000 words).

These are the genres we are looking for: Historical, Contemporary, BDSM & D/s, Greek & Roman Mythology, Gay & Lesbian/Alternative Lifestyles, Suspense & Mystery, Vampires, Shapeshifters, Time Travel, Fantasy, Magic & Ghost.

For more information, please visit our submissions page.

Oestara Publishing LLC

Oestara Publishing LLC is dedicated to new and vigorous writing. Oestara fiction may share a vision, move with literary quality, or simply entertain, but it all has the life of stories authors really want to tell. Similarly, Oestara non-fiction is chosen for its originality and freshness of thought and scholarship. Purchase Oestara books as downloaded-able e-books or as paperbacks. Watch Oestara for coming scripts and audio books.

Phaze Books

Offering Ultra-Sensual Erotic Fiction

Phaze is open to all unsolicited erotic manuscripts. We do accept multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions. Currently, we are accepting novellas and novels from 12,000 words on up.

We like to see strong, passionate, intelligent characters; intense sensual tension and situations, and a well-defined, well-executed romantic plot.

Resplendence Publishing

Resplendence Publishing

Resplendence Publishing, LLC, is a new publishing company specializing in romantic fiction. Our titles will be available in both electronic and print formats, and our official launch is scheduled for October 2007.

For additional information, submission guidelines, open submission calls, and pre-orders, please visit our website.



Shadowrose Publishing

Shadowrose Publishing is the Romance imprint. We are seeking submissions of all genres of romance, including erotica. Please see our website for guidelines.

Our Shadowmere Imprint handles other types of fiction. Here are the guidelines.

We are looking for new authors for all of our lines. Our goal is to help new writers find a publishing home. Please note, we are not looking for non-fiction or poetry at this time. For both imprints, please send us your best work and follow the outlined guidelines.

All our books are available in ebook and print, and, of course, there is never a charge to the author.

Our current releases can be found here.

Shadowmere Publishing is seeking non-romance fiction. See above for guidelines. Our spearhead titles are coming soon.

Silk's Vault Publishing

Silk's Vault Publishing is a full service, royalty paying e-publishing company that specializes in publishing sensual to erotic romantic fiction, be it mainstream romance or pure erotica.

Here, our writers are encouraged to stretch the fine line between sensual romance to hard core sex and fantasy without going over the edge. We challenge all our authors to come up with the hottest, steamiest, most sizzling fiction they can create and they get to have a lot of fun while they're at it.

We pay our authors 40% of retail of all download sales and we are ALWAYS open to new submissions. We publish all genres; fantasy, science fiction, suspense, historical, etc. in a PDF format but will be expanding into other formats including print in the future.

Star Publish

The author is never "just a number" at Star Publish.


Available in Paperback Oct 2003

Mercer's Manor by Bobby R. Woodall (Western)
Dan Mercer is an ex-Union officer trying to forge a new life for himself on Oklahoma's untamed plains.

The Bear and the Bull by Harvey Mendez (Fiction, Young Adults)
In this haunting tale in Old California, thirteen-year-old Ramon Montiel strives to save his beloved bull, Toro, from a fight with a marauding grizzly bear, a battle that would end in certain death for Toro.

52 Children's Moments by Elaine Ernst Schneider (NF/Religion)
Weekly devotions on children's Bible themes: for parent and child, teacher and class, pastor and group.

Available in Paperback Nov 2003

The Philosophy of the Tarot for the 21st Century (New Age)
Unlike any book ever written about the Tarot, this book sweeps aside the myths and the mysteries to reveal how the meaning of all 78 cards of this ancient philosophy applies to the people of today.

Numerology: Making It Work for You (New Age)
Numerology: Making it Work for You is designed to help people understand how numbers apply to real people.

Tigress Press

At Tigress Press, we believe every author should be read, we believe every author should be critiqued honestly, and we believe every author we publish should be as excited as we are about writing.

Tigress Press is particularly interested in fantasy, romance, or a combination of the two. Check out our submission guidelines. However, we are open to any genre, as long as it is well written with an excellent plot and well developed characters.

In print now are the first two novels in the Daradawn series, The Blue Flame and The Emerald Dagger by Barbara M. Hodges. Barbara is our featured fantasy author and is working on the third Daradawn novel, The Silver Angel (due out Fall, 2004).

Music of the Heart, a collection of poetry by Janet Eddy Musick, is also out in print.

Coming soon: The Strength of Her Spirit, a novel of the Mormon Trail in 1856; A Very Modern Lady, an erotic novella set in 1902 New York; Walls of Stone and Lies (title tentative), a fantasy novel; and No Silver Spoon, a memoir set during the Great Depression.

All print novels and novellas will soon be available as electronic downloads in Adobe Acrobat, PDA, and HTML formats.

Tigress Press is holding a contest to get people's guesses about our two imprints - Silver Tigress and Satin Tigress. Go to www.tigresspress.com/events to check it out. Contest ends November 30, 2003.

We have a great new website and encourage you to check it out. Soon we'll have a resource section that will feature writing and editing tips from our senior editor.

Torquere Press

We're proud to offer the finest in gay and lesbian sensual and romantic literature. With titles ranging from Sean Michael's best-selling Jarheads series, to Julia Talbot's fascinating historical novels, from Chris Owen's popular Bareback cowboys to anthologies exploring the sacred to the profane, we run the gamut of genres, styles and levels of eroticism.

Torquere Press is currently accepting works for their Turn of the Screw serial fiction and their Single Shots imprint as well as actively seeking stories for their current open anthologies and novels with lesbian heroines. To query, please see our writer's guidelines or contact us at [email protected].

Total E
Bound logo


Total-e-bound Publishing provides top quality erotic romance eBooks for the adventurous reader. Our mission is to create an easy to navigate international platform for authors to publish and promote their work and for readers to have a plethora of excellent quality eBooks to choose from. We are a royalty paying, full-service ePublisher. Total-e-bound is open to all unsolicited erotic manuscripts and we do accept multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions.

For authors - We have created a dynamic environment with a new approach, which encourages new as well as seasoned authors to make the best out of a strong marketing and promotional platform that will really work for you. By creating a writing community, with a total support network behind the scenes, we will actively promote and market your eBooks.

For readers - We have created a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for escapism, through reading some of the best erotic literature in the marketplace at great prices. Customer support is essential to our offering, and we try to ensure that we are always available for our customers when they need us.

We look for authors to write tales of erotic romance through creating strong, dynamic and intelligent characters. The plot should illustrate the relationship between key characters and ideally have a happy ending, but if not it should be promising. We want varying degrees of sex throughout a story, with lots of opportunity for erotic exploration, interwoven with levels of tension and passion. Meaningful and expressive language that is explicit, but suitable for the storyline. In essence, we want writers who have a unique and new approach with a writing style that sets them apart from the rest.

We accept manuscripts from 10,000 to 100,000+ words in the following genres: Action/Adventure, Bondage/BDSM, Comedy/Humour, Contemporary, Cowboy/Western, Fantasy/Fairytale, Futuristic/Sci-fi, Gay/Lesbian, Historical/Rubenesque, Menage-�-trois, Paranormal/Timetravel, Thriller/Crime, Shapeshifters/Morphers, Vampire/Werewolf.

Submissions Guidelines: http://www.total-e-bound.com/submissionguidelines.asp

FAQ Page: http://www.total-e-bound.com/faq.asp

Treble Heart Books

Treble Heart Books does not accept simultaneous submissions. Information on guidelines for Treble Heart Books, Sundowners (Westerns), and Mountain View Publishing (traditional romance, inspirational fiction and non-fiction) are available at http://www.trebleheartbooks.com/Guidelines.htm.

A sample contract button is located at http://www.trebleheartbooks.com.

Twilight Times Books

Twilight Times Books

Featuring Embraced by the Shadows, vampire romance by Mayra Calvani.
Promo blurb: Alana is surprised when she is chosen to manage a new restaurant. She has neither the training nor the experience to justify her success. But La Cueva del Vampiro has the kind of ambience she adores, for Alana has always had a penchant for the dark side of life.

At Twilight Times Books our mission is to promote excellence in writing and great literature. We're dedicated to enhancing the prospects of getting great literary, New Age and SF/F books into the hands of readers.

Embraced by the ShadowsThe Focus FactorThe Melanin ApocalypseToppers

Submissions: especially interested in well-written SF/F, literary and mainstream novels as well as literate non-fiction. Open to submissions July 15 to August 5, 2007. http://twilighttimesbooks.com/subs.html

The Wild Rose Press

The Wild Rose Press is a new and exciting publisher of romance. Our titles span the sub-genre spectrum from sweet to sensually erotic and are available in all lengths, including short story, category, and single title.

WRP is a "kinder and gentler" publishing house. Writers who submit to us will never receive a form rejection letter. All our interaction with our writers and readers is personalized. We help educate writers turning them into authors who can "grow" in our garden.

We publish all of our titles in electronic formats. Novels, 55,000 words or more, are also available in print.

We offer thirteen sub-genres of romance:

  • White Rose - Inspirational
  • Champagne Rose - Contemporary
  • Sweetheart Rose - Sweet Contemporary
  • Crimson Rose - Suspense & Intrigue
  • Vintage Rose - Circa 20's-70's
  • Faery Rose - Paranormal (elves, faeries, etc)
  • Last Rose of Summer - Older heroines within a contemporary
  • Black Rose - Darker Paranormal (vampires, etc)
  • Scarlet Rose - Erotic Romance
  • Yellow Rose - Contemporary Cowboys and Ranches
  • English Tea Rose - Non-American Historical
  • Cactus Rose - Western
  • American Rose - American Historical

We publish short stories from up to full length novels. All our books (55K and over), are available in print and electronic format.

Our books are available through our web site at www.thewildrosepress.com, they are also available at a wide variety of distributors including Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, fictionwise.com, coffeetimeromance.com and several others.

Please visit our website for submission guidelines and a walk through our garden!

RJ Morris and Rhonda Penders

Wings ePress, Inc.

WingsePress.com - the home of award winning fiction by innovative authors.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Wings ePress.com have teamed up. We want to help combat child exploitation and abduction. So, on Sunday, November 16, Wings ePress.com will donate all profits on this day to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Check our website for details at WingsEpress.com. Your purchase of any novel on that day will help us give a generous donation to the children.

When Gabe Stefonelli returns from World War II an amputee, he learns he has a daughter. Now he has a reason to re-build his life.

Angel Boucher keeps her promise to impersonate her seriously ill twin sister, but she doesn't count on marrying her niece's father...or falling in love.

Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Writers Exchange E-Publishing is an Australian publishing house. After expanding beyond our award-winning Writing Resource Website, we started publishing ebooks in 2000.

Not wanting to limit ourselves to only the Australian market place we have two websites:

Writers Exchange International, which lists all books in US currency and accepts credit card or paypal.

Writers Exchange Australia accepts credit card, cheques and COD for CD purchases.

We publish almost all genres except erotica and horror.

We produce numerous children's illustrated picture books as well as adult novels of nearly every kind.

Our books are available in pdf, html, rtf, Microsoft Reader, palm and unenscripted mobipocket formats and can be downloaded in electronic format or snail mailed on CD or print.

Zumaya Publications

Zumaya Publications is an innovative new publishing company that strives to bring the best of fiction to the public. The company was founded in 1998 and is committed to two things: allowing undiscovered talent the opportunity to be heard and moving publishing into the 21st century by actively using and promoting the new technologies available. Zumaya does straight genre fiction, YA, Middle Reader, non-fiction and romance lines. Their awards include three EPPIE Award winners, seven EPPIE finalists, the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror category winners of the 2003 Dream Realm Awards and a Dream Realm finalist. Another of their books was second runner-up in the Paranormal category of the 2004 Prism Award.

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