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What's News?    


WHAT'S NEWS presents all the latest news from our EPIC members.

Have you sold your book to a publisher? Is your book due out soon? Is it coming out in print? Has it hit the shelf already? Did you get a great book review that you want to share? Running a contest?

We welcome any general announcement of great interest to our members. New messages are posted several times per week-allow up to 5 days for posting. Each post will remain posted for one month.

If you have an announcement, please submit it to WHAT'S NEWS Editor Kathy Sullivan. You can fill out the handy form here: What's News Submission Form.

Books Sold/Published

January Release by Awe-Struck E-Books

Penelope Marzec's sixth book, A Rush Of Light, will be released on January 20, 2006, by Awe-Struck E-Books. The inspirational romance and will be available in a paper edition in February 2006. Two of her previous books, Sea Of Hope and Heaven's Blue won the EPPIE Award for Best Inspirational Fiction in 2002 and 2005.

A Rush Of Light is the story of Callie Turner, a disabled cop starting a new career at her father s old inn. Gene King at www.JoyfullyReviewed.com wrote, "A Rush of Light by Penelope Marzec is a romance for all ages. The characters are very real, they come alive in their thoughts and interactions. I recommend A Rush of Light for those wanting to explore a sweet, spirit-filled story."

An excerpt from the book can be found at www.penelopemarzec.com

New Release! Spell Of Love: Flame In The Rain

Kat needs to feed, but she picks the wrong victim. An immortal himself, Thurston has no blood to offer Kat, only pleasure. She can't resist going back night after night to the loner who thinks he wants to be left alone. There's a connection between them, and it's more than just sexual.

A past tragedy banished Thurston to the penal colony of Australia. Hundreds of years ago he built himself a private bungalow on Ellis beach, and hasn't left since. His life of a recluse consists of long nights awake and fishing.

Until Kat comes along. She changes him in ways he can't explain. And suddenly he is her partner in sin, luring victims to sleep with them so she may feed. For them, forever is quite literal, but happily ever after is very much in question. Spell Of Love: Flame In The Rain by Alyssa Brooks is available at Loose Id.

New YA Fantasy Released

Jody Burns borrowed her brother's silvery bracelet because it looked good with her outfits. She didn't expect a green-haired girl to appear out of midair in the mall looking for its owner, or for the girl to hail her as the hero who would rescue her family.

Peter Burns thought the Watcher would pull him back to the Lands again. He and Jeanne Tucker were ready to return to help. But the Watcher had other ideas.

Talking to Trees, the sequel to The Crystal Throne, by Kathryn Sullivan, is now available through Amber Quill Press.

A New Release to Get You Warm This Winter

Cozy up to the fire and turn up the heat with Winter Wishes, an anthology by 10 authors. From erotic fantasy to contemporary bondage to historical erotica, it's all here. Settle in for great reading and spend time with some of your favorite authors, along with a few great new ones. Make all your winter wishes come true!

Tilly Greene's offering is "The Painted Lady": What is a woman to do when she has been blindfolded, her naked body painted to resemble a cowgirl/gunslinger and left alone to dangle from a hook? On a frigid winter's day Saffron Hoyt is about to find out, and it is not at all what she expected.

Winter Wishes can be found at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.

New Release - Lies the Heart Tells

Hired by newspaper owner Laura Danilov to be in charge of a project aimed at reintroducing wolves into the wilds of Montana, Drew Allison has had little success signing on local ranchers to her cause. Instead, the ranch where she's headquartered has suffered from a string of malicious pranks she suspects is aimed at shutting her project down. So when Mackenzie Sawyer falls out of a tree and into a job taking care of the ranch, she thinks her luck has changed for the better.

Things soon go from bad to worse, and Drew realizes nothing is as it seems - most especially Mackenzie Sawyer. When her quest for answers turns up a most unexpected one, she isn't sure what to believe. Will she listen to reason or follow her heart as she attempts to discover what lies the heart tells and why?

Lies the Heart Tells by Jenna Storm is now available from All Romance Books.

New release from Larissa Lyons

Larissa Lyons' award winning paranormal romance, "Written in the Stars" is available from Liquid Silver Books as one half of the Capricorn Zodiac Anthology. Can a fanciful fairy teach a stuffy scientist a thing or two about lust and love? To see if Aurora is successful seducing the sexy astronomer, pick up this fun story now! Excerpts are available at http://larissalyons.com/books.htm.

New Release: Jingle My Bell

A new released holiday treat for erotic romance lovers! Jingle My Bell includes:

Upon a Midnight Clear by Anisa Damien
Mistletoe Magic by Alyssa Brooks
The Christmas Dagger by MacKenzie Reed
Cleopatra's Legacy by Rae Monet

Check out more now at Liquid Silver Books

The Trouble with Romance Released!

Two EPIC members, Jane Toombs and Mary O'Gara, are among the 10 Grand Dames, authors of The Trouble with Romance, just-published anthology from TrebleHeart. Trouble is a cat who is a catalyst for romance wherever she wanders. The Grand Dames are all over 40, and so are their heroines - just the right age to know that romance is trouble and fun all rolled into one fine package.

January Release of Towards Understanding

This book of 120 poems is written in chronological order. It is a story of survival, of breaking the chains of inner demons, finding value and purpose in life and growing towards understanding - but not quite reaching it. The poems also embrace the environment and question society. Towards Understanding will reach today's female audience because it is a true chronological story of a young woman growing through childhood trauma, being independent at age 13, moving through healing, finding self-worth and questioning society. ISBN# 1-4137-9337-1

Towards Understanding by Lillian Brummet will be available through Publish America. Estimated Release: Late January, 2006

For Those Striving for Zero Waste

Authors Dave and Lillian Brummet offer an upbeat, proactive look at waste and resource management with their inspiring book Trash Talk. They explain that although the immense environmental problems our world faces can be overwhelming, each and every one of us can do something to help our world - starting right where we are, right now. Trash Talk is not a quick fix solution - it is about changing consumer's mind-sets by providing ideas that inspire participation from the ground level. It shows the direct effect of better waste and resource management both for the environment and the wallet. Not everyone can afford to donate cash or time to a cause but by implementing the concept of Trash Talk, the average person can make small alterations in their lives that affect positive changes for the Earth. Visit their website: http://www.sunshinecable.com/~drumit

Two Spooky Tales about Love & Magic

Learn about the power of Love & Magic at Liquid Silver Books. This sexy anthology includes "Grave Awakening" by Shara Lanel and "Cursed by Desire" by Trista Ann Michaels. Visit www.sharalanel.com.

Try A Little Magic at HeatWave Romance!

Enjoy "seven sexually charged pages" with Try A Little Magic, available now at Heat Wave Romance. Michelle at FAR gave this "hot little interlude" 5 Angels, so discover how Adriana uses a little sex spell to finally get her man. Find out about all of Shara's stories at www.sharalanel.com.

Coming November 1, White Heart, Lakota Spirit

White Heart, Lakota Spirit, the sequel to Prairie Peace published in 2003, will be available in just a few weeks.

Meet Grace Cummings, the only one in her family to survive a raiding war party. When she becomes the captive of an angry Lakota brave, she prays the compassion and kindness she sees in the eyes of her captor's best friend may be an avenue of escape... but then will her own race want her back?

For more information, visit Ginger Simpson's website.

All Hallows' Destiny by Alyssa Brooks

It's Halloween, and Sorcha, a sexual vampire, is looking to feed. Her victim? Whoever wins best costume! She scans the crowd and finds Barret the bear. Barret looks at the sassy and bold Sorcha and falls right into her gaze. He's immediately captured and he knows he's found his mate. Yet, he can't help be suspicious of the wild woman in her vampire costume.

All Hallows' Destiny by Alyssa Brooks is available at Loose Id

Short Story Release

Zoe is a sexual vampire, feeding on the energy of her victims. In her next sizzling adventure, a hot deliveryman knocks on her door bearing a box of new toys she ordered. His energy is so strong that she can't resist inviting him in. But this time, she's in for more than she bargained for.

For adults only. "Sexual Feeding II: Delivering Satisfaction" by Alyssa Brooks is available at Chippewa Publishing.

Release of RV, a novel

RV is the intriguing story of Joey Mills, a thirteen-year-old boy who, while coming to terms with his parents' divorce, embarks on a journey he will never forget.

"RV is an impressive first novel, full of spirit and trouble and curiosity. The characters here are real, often hard, and always human. Mr. Spyropoulos presents his people with great affection." - Percival Everett, award-winning author of American Desert and Damned If I Do: Stories.

For more information on RV by Angelo Spyropoulos check the author's website.

First Anthology of Modern Pagan Poetry

The beautiful new world view of contemporary Pagan spirituality is reflected in The Oestara Anthology of Pagan Poetry, the first poetry anthology of modern day Paganism. Among the poems are charges of the God, invocations to deity, experiences of the Lady's manifestation, and Sabbat poetry. In free verse and formal poetic forms, these poems showcase the beauty and depth of feeling, understanding, and devotion of modern Pagan spirituality.

Keep watching Oestara Publishing for the release of the paperback!

Cheryl Norman's Restore My Heart

Cheryl Norman's romantic suspense, Restore My Heart, has sold to Medallion Press and will be a 2007 mass market paperback release!

Cheryl's previous titles are published by Wings ePress, Inc. and include her 2003 EPPIE winner, Last Resort.

Cheryl offers her EPIC colleagues and writing friends grammar help at her new blog.

The Latest Dirandan Chronicles novel released!

Prince Gaston VonTesmar has a problem. He has to kill his father. The consequence if he doesn't: system-wide genocide. Can a man dedicated to the protection of his world and his people take the life of his father? Even if his father is one of the most evil men in the Fifth Quadrant? What is Gaston willing to risk, to suffer and lose? What will he have to sacrifice to save his world?

Don't miss Peacekeeper, the latest of Tabitha Bradley's widely popular Dirandan Chronicles series, available now from eXtasy Books!

Romantic Suspense set in modern day Spain released

Set in modern day Spain, La Ley del Reemplazo is the story of Charles Handlin, an American author married to Abigail de la Deliah. They have been married five years but no children. Abby is suddenly summoned home to Spain and Charles follows three weeks later. When he arrives in Spain, Charles is informed that The Law of Replacement has been invoked. Because they have no children, no heirs, a man has claimed Abigail as his wife; Charles is to be replaced. The process will take one week and in the meantime, he has a companion. He will select one lady from seven choices. He is not allowed to know her name and there is to be no intimate contact.

What Charles doesn't know is his companion, selected from seven choices and named Number Seven, knows where the most fabulous treasure of the Middle Ages is located; the crypt of her ancestor Sir Baca de la Pilar. The treasure is proof that a French expedition discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus.

Warning : La Ley del Reemplazo contains strong language, adult situations and one real good dirty joke. Available from Computer Classics.

The Crystal of Mynos Has Been Released!

The prequel to the long-awaited Wolverine Chronicles by Rebecca Goings has been released! The Crystal of Mynos is available for purchase as a Dollar Dimension at New Age Dimensions. Don't miss the beginning of this epic fantasy series!

The dragon Mynos is on his way to join his mate, Malnan, for the birth of their offspring when he's suddenly hit with a magical shockwave so strong, it leaves no room for doubt what it means. His Crystal has been stolen.

Racing back to Castle Templestone, Mynos rallies every dragon to find it, knowing time is of the essence. Not only is the life of King Timothy in the balance, but whoever wields the Crystal can become a formidable foe.

However, when the mighty golden dragon sees not only all of dragonkind, but his own mate killed as well, can Mynos find it within himself to beat the army that's gathered to defeat him? And will he have the strength to go on knowing that he is now the last living dragon of Lyndaria?

Juliana's Portrait Released!

True love knows no boundaries. Duncan, a 37 year-old Real Estate broker, buys a portrait of an enchanting young woman at a deceased estate auction. Juliana, an artist's model and dancer, disappeared not long after she sat for the portrait in May 1968. Instead of storing the painting with the others in his collection, Duncan hangs it on his bedroom wall. From then on, he begins to have vividly erotic and tormenting dreams about the woman in the portrait. In the dreams she materializes from the painting and seduces him almost nightly. Juliana tells Duncan she was murdered and that if he finds her remains and exposes her killer he'll set her free, and then they can be together forever. Utterly obsessed, Duncan goes to extraordinary lengths to find information pertaining to Juliana. The mind-bending journey has him questioning his very sanity.

Step across the threshold into a paranormal realm that's guaranteed to lure and electrify you. For more information, check Monica Martin's website.

New Release: "Sexual Feeding"

Shawn has no idea was he's getting into when he leaves with the spunky woman hitting on him. Zoe is a sexual vampire, feeding on the energy of her victims. She's in the mood for a feast, and has found her next victim.

Warning, this vampire short story contains graphic sexual situations. "Sexual Feeding" by Alyssa Brooks is available at Chippewa Publishing.

Oestara Publishing LLC premiers the Parenting School Readings

Oestara Publishing LLC is proud to announce the new e-pamphlet series, Parenting School Readings by child development expert Guillermo Ramon. The first 3 pamphlets are:
"Making Hyperactivity a Strength"; "Overcoming Attention Deficits"; and "Increasing the Intelligence of Young Children."

Keep visiting the Oestara Publishing site for more e-pamphlets on child rearing.

The Visitor released

Nine months after her husband has been cremated, Rebecca Tierney's husband shows up in her living room...naked.

Now available from Awe-Struck The Visitor, a gothic romance with a sci-fi twist by Barbara Raffin.

New Release: Dragon's Desire

Bryhan wrangles crocs, but can he pin down Jay's wild heart? Once, Bryhan was a dragon-slayer. Now, he's a dragon. Or at least, he bears the heart of a dragon within him. Wild calls to wild: he makes his livelihood rescuing farms from crocodiles...and crocodiles from farms, towns and cities. Though he longs for a mate, he can never have one.

Being a touch-psychic isn't as much fun as it sounds. Especially not when it means seeing visions of your best friend's death. Independently wealthy, and just plain independent, Jay retires to the country, determined to avoid human contact. The last thing she wants is a lover.

When Jay hires Bryhan to rid her ranch of a chicken-stealing croc, the attraction between them is too powerful to ignore. With one touch, she's plunged into burning desire and visions of sensual abandon. With one touch, immortal Bryhan finds a woman he could love forever.

Jay's visions show them together, but how can they have a happily ever after when forever's just for him? To read an excerpt, click here.

Spell of Love: Dragon's Desire by Alyssa Brooks is available from Loose Id.

Dance of the Seven Veils out in paperback!

Cris Anson's Dance of the Seven Veils is now available in paperback. Go to Ellora's Cave and click on "Print Books" in the upper-left corner of their home page. Ellora's Cave will donate a portion of their proceeds for every book sold from their website through August 12 to the Montel Williams Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

To read an excerpt and/or reviews, check out www.crisanson.com. Dance of the Seven Veils has received 5 hearts from The Romance Studio; 5 angels from Fallen Angel Reviews; and 5 unicorns from Enchanted in Romance, among others.

Cris Anson is also one of the Featured Authors on The Romance Studio - BLUE for July and invites you to read her interview then vote for her at http://www.theromancestudio.com/blue/who8.php.

Electronic Echoes of the Mind Author Interviewed by SciFi.com

Wade Kimberlin, author of Electronic Echoes of the Mind, was recently interviewed by SciFi.com's SciFi Wire News! Check out the interview here.

New Books Combat Bullying

Does your school have its anti-bullying program in place?


Betty Jo Schuler, author, and Susan Scott, illustrator, have had two new books, Bully Brigade, ages 5-11, and B-Force, ages 12-18, released by Disk-Us Publishing. A Teachers' Guide and Reproducible Activity Kit is available for each.


B-Force is a superhero comic book and Bully Brigade is a picture book with thought-provoking questions. Bullying is rampant in schools and in today's society, it's become increasingly dangerous and sometimes life threatening.

These books help students identify various forms of bullying, suggest ways for victims to deal with such acts, and offer ways for bullies to cope with the anger or fear that prompts them to strike out. Available in e-formats and print. For more information, visit DiskUs Publishing or Betty Jo Schuler's website.

Two new releases from Rae Monet

Rae is pleased to announce the release of two new novels in the next two weeks, July 11th and July 18th. Book three of the FBI Series, Z's Story, and Chantilly's Lace, part of the Zodiac Series from Liquid Silver Books.

Former FBI Agent Angel Farin has one purpose-- Revenge!
Angel Farin, left for dead by the criminals she was investigating, was taken out of her job before she was ready and now she wants to find the person responsible for ending her career... Angel's willing to step on anyone in her way... including FBI fugitive Agent Carl Zeik.

FBI Agent Carl Zeik has one purpose-- Protecting Angel.
Special Agent Carl Zeik is assigned the most difficult undercover job of his career -- protect the big boss' daughter -- Angel Farin, and finding out who's threatening her... with or without her cooperation.

Reluctantly teamed, Zeik and Angel begin to unravel the mystery behind a bank robbery gone wrong. It seemed simple... until they discover much more than they bargained for.

For more information, visit Z's Story.

Chantilly's Lace
Let's see what the stars have in store for Chandra Tilly...

For more information visit http://www.RaeMonet.com.

Now Released! Operation: Love

Three wonderful stories of love, passion...and military duty. It's triple trouble when three identical sisters make vow to stay the hell away from men in uniform. It's just too bad they can't seem to keep their hands off them.

Operation: Love, an anthology by Alyssa Brooks, Melissa Schroeder and Karen Monroe is available now at Liquid Silver Books. Read more at www.alyssabrooks.com.

MacFarland's Anfall Series--Book II Released!

Got Elf? You'll want one after reading Book II in the CAPA-nominated Princes of Anfall series by Therese MacFarland! Romantic Times called Book I "a fast-paced epic" and named Therese MacFarland "one new writer to keep an eye on!" Dark Prince of Anfall is available now! Order at Triskelion Publishing.

Newly Released! Zodiac: Cancer!

Blessed Doom - Alyssa Brooks
Bored, Belle reads a horoscope on a whim. But she takes no stock in it. Then she gets the call that changes her life. She has an inherited a plantation in South Carolina.

She goes there with dreams of finding her heritage and maybe even some distant family. But right from the start, nothing is right. She wrecks her car at the end of the lane, injuring her head. The hot, unexpected caretaker, Noah, informs her there is no phone, no car, not even any electric on the whole secluded place. Strange things start to happen, and soon it is clear. Rosewood plantation is haunted.

But as she tries to discover the curse trapping them there, one very scary question begins wrap around her mind. The extraordinary things aren't just happening around her, they're happening to her. Noah has a power over her body not humanly capable. Could she be falling in love with a ghost?

Sweet Patience - Melissa Schroeder
Chance MacGuire has always had good luck. Great childhood, great career and hell, women are easy for him. Except for Patience Sawyer. The woman makes list maker. Hell, she makes lists of her lists. Chance likes to go with the flow and see where he ends up. He hates schedules. But when she proposes they open a bed and breakfast together, using her business savvy and his culinary skills, he jumps at the chance. Now, if he can just keep his hands off her, they'll be just fine.

Patience is sure she's lost her mind. Asking Chance to buy the Rosewood Plantation with her and open their B and B sounded like a great idea. Forget the fact that he doesn't like following her business plans. That she can handle. But after the hottest kiss she has ever had, keeping her mind on work and not on him, is hard. Although his laid back style should turn her off, she is immediately drawn to him. His easy going manner puts her at ease and they find themselves as perfect business partners. But, when too much time spent alone together has their hormones in overdrive, and they can't resist each other, will they be able to forget their differences and find love?

The Zodiac Series Cancer by Alyssa Brooks and Melissa Schroeder is available at Liquid Silver Books.

The Prize is Now Available!

Book 2 of the Malloy family series: The Prize is now available from Liquid Silver Books! Read a steamy, sensual western romance about two souls fated to meet... The Prize brings back Jack Malloy and Rebecca Connor from The Bounty... What do you do when love hands you a second chance at life?

Read an excerpt. Buy your copy.

Now Released! The Devil's Triangle

Cheri doesn't believe in the Bermuda Triangle, but the rich widow does believe in adventure. Afraid of nothing, in love with life, Cheri sets out to disprove the many about the Devil's Triangle. Then the lights in her cockpit start blinking. A giant orange ball appears in the sky. The plane is spinning out of control...

The next thing she knows, Cheri's trapped in Paradis - an uninhibited place of pleasures explored, from great food to mindblowing sex. Everything's open, everything's free. Nothing's off-limits.

Nothing, that is, but the one thing Cheri wants: Gage. Good thing she's never been one to follow rules.

Gage knows he can't have Cheri. Not after the first night. But the lust she awakens makes him long for the impossible. Sharing her isn't what he has in mind, but if it means he can touch her, he'll go along with it. For now.

But in the Devil's Triangle, even the impossible is possible, and nothing will stop Gage from having Cheri to himself.

To read an excerpt or buy The Devil's Triangle by Alyssa Brooks, visit Loose Id.

Hometown Hero Released

Russell Lyons lost his memory in Iraq and swears he'll recover his 'golden boy' life. But when he starts to fall for the sexy reporter who's helping him research, he realizes that maybe he's never had it so good. Of course, when his memory does return, he'll have two women mad at him--because his forgotten self happens to be engaged.

A sexy romance set in small-town Missouri. Only $1 at Books for a Buck.

The Texicans released by Sundowners

The Texicans, an historical novel of early Texas, is now available in paperback and ebook from Sundowners, a division of Treble Heart Books.

This Texas story doesn't begin at the Almo, it ends there. The Texicans were a breed of early settlers who arrived when Texas still belonged to Spain, and overcame all manner of political unrest, war and personal tragedy to form a new nation, The Republic of Texas. For more information visit Sundowners or www.jinxschwartz.com

June release

Lose yourself in an action packed romance today...

Can the raven of darkness turn into the white dove of peace?

At sixteen, Vivien Clinton lives in fear of her abusive uncle who is set on making sure she doesn't follow in her mother's footsteps. Gabe Johnson is a stranger in town, injured and on the run from a posse. A chance meeting changes their lives forever.

At nineteen, Viv finds herself alone following the death of her uncle. She grasps the opportunity for a new beginning on her terms. Refusing marriage to a violent man is only the first step. To gain the freedom of her heart, Viv must confront her fears and prejudices, expose a past she never imagined, and prevent a climactic confrontation between brothers.

"...Raven Dove is an action packed romance that will keep you turning page after page." (Romance Junkies 4.5 rating)

"...A well told tale of passion, friendship and a search for the truth at all costs." (Coffee Time Romance 4 cup rating)

Raven Dove available from Whiskey Creek Press.


Three reviews for Heart's Home

A 4 Ribbon Rating Review! "Heart's Home by Eloise Barton is a fast paced, well written romantic suspense. Tracey and Steve are wonderful lead characters that bring out the best in each other. If you like a little mystery mixed with your romance, this book is for you." For the complete review, go to Romance Junkies.

From Roundtable Reviews: "Heart's Home grabs you from the start. The writing is crisp and the plot catches your attention. The revelation doesn't come as a huge surprise...the path to the conclusion is well-worth any lack of surprise." For the complete review, go to Roundtable Reviews.

A 3 Coffee Cup Rating at Coffee Time Romance Reviews! "Heart's Home is a good solid story with characters that have to face their fears and overcome them. Tracey learns that security does not matter as much as following her heart. Ms. Barton has created a story that will entertain the reader with a few laughs to break the serious moments." For the complete review, go to Coffee Time Reviews.

Author interview

Debra Kemp has been interviewed by The Foundation News. Read about her thoughts on the process of writing, how she became involved in the Arthurian legend (included in her novels), her path to publication and much more. Part one is in the current issue.

Authors Win BC Environmental Award

Since 1999, Canadian authors Dave Brummet and his wife Lillian have been working hard towards raising environmental awareness and providing a means for better waste management. Their books Trash Talk, Towards Understanding, and their columns and articles have appeared in publications across North America, in the UK and in various online E-zines.

Most recently, the Recycling Council of British Columbia recognized their efforts during the 31st Annual Waste Reduction Conference 2005 held at Harrison Hot Springs. RCBC awarded the Brummets top honors in the Journalist and Media Educator category for their work. Visit their website for free waste and resource managment tips, articles and links.

Review For Juliana's Portrait

Juliana's Portrait by Monica M. Martin is a Paranormal Erotica, set in contemporary Australia.

Coffeetime Romance had this to say:
"Juliana's Portrait is a heat and thirst-inducing read. The chemistry between Duncan and Juliana is enough to melt your monitor, and then some. Monica M. Martin takes the reader on explicit fantasies, delving into the world of the paranormal, while at the same time offering some of the most thorough character development I've read in a long time. I enjoyed the style and voice of the author, and the attention to detail, especially the way she delves into Duncan's headspace. Not only will you have a hard time putting this down, you might want to keep a glass of ice on hand as well."

To read the entire review, go here.

5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!

Barbara Raffin's The Visitor received 5 Angels and a "Recommended Read" from Fallen Angel Reviews.

"Kudos to Barbara [Raffin] for expressing...the beauty of God's Country and Lake Superior [and wrapping it all] up in a fantastic novel for readers. Although this is a Sci-fi romance, it is not overpoweringly sci-fi. I was thoroughly taken in and enjoyed the elements of alien forces and the relationships between the characters. Barbara Raffin weaves a lot of storyline into one book. Plots and subplots, main characters and minor characters are terrific. Very intriguing, kept me turning the pages to find out what would happen next. Even if you are not a Sci-Fi fan I encourage you to open The Visitor. It is an enjoyable suspenseful romantic read. The ending is pure satisfaction." Tracey at Fallen Angel Reviews--click for rest of review.

Lucinda's Contract - SIZZLER for July at WCP TORRID

CAPA nominated bestseller Lucinda's Contract is SIZZLER for the month of July at WCP Torrid! As part of the SIZZLER promotion at 'WCP Torrid', customers get any one e-book of their choice FREE when buying Lucinda's Contract! Hurry in and get yourself heated up at Torrid!

Two Reviews for My Lady's Protector

eCataRomance gives' My Lady's Protector: Knight of Pentacles 4.5/5 BJ Deese at eCataRomance Reviews writes, "My Lady's Protector by Monica M. Martin is a compelling story that's both beautiful and erotic. I certainly enjoyed Ms. Martin's style of writing, and it was a real pleasure getting to know these characters. I hope to soon enjoy more romance from this author!" Go here to read entire review.

Valerie at Love Romances writes, "In this short story, Ms Martin delivers an erotic, exciting tale of two people who seemingly seem to be unsuited to each other, but opposites do attract and they both find out that it is futile to fight against what fate seems to be ordaining. Both hero and heroine have been well written and will certainly find a way into the reader's heart. The dialogue between the two is witty and delightful. This reviewer found that the attributes from the Tarot card this story represents are well written into the Sir Ambrose's character. The love scenes are hot and passionate. Sir Ambrose is every bit a lusty man, even if some of his other characteristics gets on Rhiannon's nerves. This reviewer enjoyed this short story very much and will be sure to look out for Monica M. Martin's other works." Read entire review here.

Adramelech Receives 5 Stars!

Adramelech by German Bradley has recently received five stars at www.MayReviews.com:

"This is a true horror, with little romance but lots of hot sexual situations. The author shocks us with the vicious use of Yonah's body, but he also makes her enjoy it while wishing to escape. There is so much in this book that it boggles the mind." May Holley

For more information, go to www.darksefiroth.com

Two Reviews For Shakespeare is Alive & Well & Living in Sun City

Fallen Angel Reviews gives 5 stars

"...Well rounded, spiritedly portrayed characters, vividly painted settings and animated dialog all move the tale along at breakneck speed in this fast paced romp.

"Writer Lyne skillfully weaves a fanciful, complex tale using the theater as his back drop, William Shakespeare in a 'what if' role and human foibles at their worst/best. Snappy dialog, betrayal, lust and puzzlement couple with fascinating settings and absorbing storyline to keep the reader moving along from chapter to chapter. Lyne has taken ... Shakespeare, placed him and his work in modern times to produce a highly entertaining work sure to please alike Shakespeare lovers and those who know little of the Bard.

"Good book for a lazy summer afternoon, ages 13 and up." Molly Martin, Fallen Angel Reviews

"This is the second novel of Allen Lyne's that I've read. I enjoyed it and admire his capacity to generate plenty of fun. It's unpretentious and appealing.

"...Both of Lyne's books have great characters. They are vivid and they are strongly contrasted... That's good writing, I have a hunch the author has known them all personally.

"Every Shakespeare lover should bubble with enthusiasm at what the writer has done with this story." Dr. Robert Kimber.

For full reviews of Shakespeare is Alive & Well & Living in Sun City by Allen Lyne go to Books Unbound or www.bearly.net.

Lone Wolf One gets 5 Angels

"Beam me up! Solarian warriors, outer space, danger, excitement, and love are all thrown together in one story; what more could you ask for? ...

"I have read Rae Monet's books before and loved them; she is an author not to be missed. Lone Wolf One is definitely a keeper book so spoil yourself and check out this great book!" Fallen Angel Reviews

For more information check out http://www.RaeMonet.com.

Ice Tomb Top Pick in Romantic Times

Deborah Jackson's new novel, Ice Tomb, gets a Top Pick review and 4 1/2 Stars in the May issue of Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine.

Deep in the heart of the Antarctic Ice Sheet lies a deadly secret. To uncover it, two unlikely scientists will have to join forces, a gritty woman volcanologist and the man she despises--a man who's on the moon.

"A fast-paced story with plenty of twists, this book reads like a classic sci-fi tale." ****1/2   RT BOOKclub Magazine

For more information about Ice Tomb, visit Deborah Jackson's website.

General Announcements

New Fairy Contest from Larissa Lyon

Zodiac Capricorn Contest
December 12th - January 19th

Larissa Lyons and Cyndi Redding, authors of the Zodiac Capricorn Anthology, invite you to enter a contest celebrating the release of their book. TEN winners will receive an adorable, sparkly package of fairy dust and a beautiful Zodiac Capricorn note card. One winner will also receive the boxed-tin of Amy Brown's twelve note cards, depicting several dark and lovely fairies. To enter, answer the question below and go to Cyndi's website and answer her question as well. E-mail both answers to Larissa. You can find the answers by reading the first chapter excerpts located here.

Larissa's question: Who is Trixie?
Winners will be announced on January 19, 2006.

Learn more about Larissa at www.larissalyons.com or enjoy free short stories from her at www.wickedescapesezine.com ! Read an interview with Larissa at The Romance Studio.

December Celebration Contest

It is a time to celebrate. The year being bid a fond farewell, the new one just around the bend and, for Tilly Greene, two January releases, "The Painted Lady" in the Winter Wishes Anthology at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and Double Punch at Venus Press, calls for raucous good time to be had by all. So, with great joy, she is hosting a contest from December 1-17.

You must be a member of Tilly Greene's Monthly Scorcher group to participate, so join now at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tilly_greene/. For more information, visit her website.

A New Wicked Escapes!

Wicked Escapes has a new look... and a new author! Zodiac winner author Larissa Lyons and Alyssa Brooks have merged forces to bring readers even more enjoyment in their monthly newsletter. The debut issue was October 17th, with featured author Rebecca Williams and the first edition of Titillating Tales. Lots of wicked fun coming your way, so keep your eyes peeled!

Join Wicked Escapes now at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wickedescapes/.

Rebecca Goings' Author Loop Has Moved!

Fed up with Yahoo, Rebecca Goings has decided to e-move her author group. "The Magic of Romance" is now residing at Google, so come and join the fun of author days, hero days, excerpts, chatting, games and good times! Hope to see you there!

Big News and a Big Contest From Alyssa Brooks

Get ready to celebrate!

Because hot new erotic author Larissa Lyons will soon be joining Alyssa in her ezine, Wicked Escapes, with a awesome new format, and new features, Alyssa is postponing this month's issue. Wicked Escapes will be released sometime next month but when? The date hasn't been set, so until then...

It's prize time!

Alyssa Brooks has signed with Kensington publishing. She's landed a great agent. More deals are pending, and this time next year, you'll be picking her up in the local bookstore! That's not all either.

She just released two great e-books, Dragon's Desire and Sexual Feeding. Reviews are great. Wicked Escapes reached 350 members. She's been published for over a year!

So to celebrate, every week until the next newsletter releases, she'll be giving away prizes. Join now at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alyssabrooks/.

New Interview with Raine Weaver

In the mood to meet someone different? Someone with a touch of humor, liveliness and opinion? Come meet Raine Weaver! Alyssa Brooks has had the pleasure of interviewing this quirky and fun erotic author of Incubus, on sale at Loose-Id. Check out Alyssa's blog.

Monica M. Martin's July/Sep Contest Giveaway

Win an ebook copy of Monica Martin's scorching September 1st release -- Juliana's Portrait! Juliana's Portrait is a Paranormal/Mystery Erotica, set in contemporary Australia.

WARNING: The excerpt has no erotica and the work appears tame, please be advised that Juliana's Portrait contains f/f sex, menage a trios and explicit sex. This work is not for the fainthearted. The work is more erotica than romance. The story does have what readers could define as a happy conclusion.

Please read contest rules before you begin. Go here for more info: http://www.monicammartin.com/Contests.html.

New Willa Okati interview by Alyssa Brooks

In the mood for a laugh? Enjoy erotic male/male romance? Check out Alyssa Brooks blog to read her newest interview with Willa Okati.

Fiction Promotions Book Promo Special Offer

Fiction Promotions is offering their Author Membership for a monthly fee of $1. Author Membership consists of the following services

  • Book Sales Pages
  • Main Page Featurette
  • Announcement of Addition
  • "Advertorials" on:
  • Who's Who
  • Birth of a Story
  • Tell the story behind the story -- how you got the idea for, or what inspired you to write (title)
  • On Writing
  • Along the Way
  • Short essays plotting your journey on the road to publication
  • Features
  • Choose a fiction related topic to write about.
  • Bulletin
  • Marketing Quick Tips

For more details go to www.fictionpromotions.com. If you have questions contact Tina.

Summer Sizzling "Book Of The Week" Feature Promotion

Romance Readers Book of the Week Promotion is a fantastic opportunity for you to put your book out there, to reach our regular visitors as well as the 450 or so unique/new visitors the site receives each month and the best part is that it's only $25.

Romance Readers centers the focus of their entire site to your book, during the week of its feature. From our main page to our blog to our targeted list of readers, we set up our site and put the spotlight on your book.

Your Book of the Week promotion is set up to be posted in "stages" throughout the week, which guarantees greater exposure for your book because our visitors are discovering something new about you and your book, each and every day, for the duration of your promotion.

For more details go to www.romancereaders.com. If you have questions contact Tina at [email protected]

Winners of the Oestara Anthology of Pagan Poetry contest Announced

EPIC's Cynthia Joyce Clay is pleased to announce the winners of The Oestara Anthology of Pagan Poetry Contest. They are:
In the Free Verse Category:
1st Place: "Fertility Doll" by William H. Roetzheim
2nd Place: "Queen of Cups" by Robert Merritt
3rd Place: "Banishing" by Archer (Craft name)
In the Tradtional Poetic Forms and Dream-Received Verse Category
1st Place: the dream-received poem "Last Ferry" by Cris Staubach
2nd Place: the sonnet "Prana" by Joy St John Johnson
3rd Place: the sonnet "Harvest Prayer" by Heather Harley

In addition to the top placing winners, other wonderful poets won inclusion of their poetry in The Oestara Anthology of Pagan Poetry. EPIC member Nikhil Parekh is one of those talented poets whose poetry will be in the anthology.

For more information, visit Oestara Publishing.

Author News From Alyssa Brooks

Alyssa Brooks is featured at The Romance Studio right now! Check out her page and learn more about her new release, The Zodiac Series: Cancer. Just click here. And don't forget to support your favorite author and vote for them!

Back To Love Baby Blues is on sale! Get it discounted now at Whiskey Creek Press, in their sales section. Or, if you're a Fictionwise fan, buy it here now!

A sex life? Ha! Quiet time together? Ha! As any Mom knows, motherhood changes everything. A new baby can take a toll on a relationship. Suddenly, like a quick, hard smack in the face, nothing is the same. So what's the key to staying close to a spouse after a baby? Learning to change. For Lacey and Joel, their worlds have been turned upside down. They haven't made love in over three months. Slowly they are pushing away from each other. But Joel decides he will not lose his wife so easily. And so he sets out romancing her, not back to his bed, but back into his life.

Alyssa's New Contest

Want to excite your loved one with something naughty? Then enter Alyssa Brooks contest to win...!

First prize winner receives Edible Undies. Second prize winner receives an ebook copy of The , an erotic escape to a tropical island in The Bermuda Triangle. Enter at Yahoo groups or visit www.alyssabrooks.com for more information about the newsletter.

Enter The Circle Of Fire!

Visit Kayelle Allen's Circle Of Fire, a web ring that takes you on a tour of all her Excellence Award winners. Plus enter to win her Hot summer prizes
5 Third Prizes - The Blaze Pack - An assortment of bookmarks and book covers from various authors
1 Second Prize -The Smolder Pack - A Patriot Candle gift basket and winner's choice of one ebook from any of the authors in the contest
1 First Prize - The Sizzle Pack - A choice of any two participating authors' newest ebook releases plus a download of a Kayelle Allen book
1 Grand Prize - The Scorch Pack - A collection of one new ebook from EACH of the Excellence Award authors, plus a download of a Kayelle Allen book (12 books total)

Start at Circle of Fire or visit www.alyssabrooks.com for more!

New Interview at Alyssa Brook's blog

Come meet witty, new Loose-Id author Diane Charles Linford in Alyssa's first ever blog interview. Learn a little more about Diane and Alyssa, have some fun, and make some comments. Visit the blog at http://www.livejournal.com/users/alyssabrooks/

Alyssa will continue to add interviews to her blog on a monthly basis, so save her blog to favorites. And if you're a author interested in being interviewed, email her at [email protected].

Celebrating Operation: Love's upcoming release!

Military couples often spend long periods of time apart. So when they're together, their time is best well spent. Get close to your spouse and secure those intimate bonds with Alyssa Brook's Operation: Love giveaway! In celebration of Lily, the heroine in Finding Orion, Alyssa Brooks is giving away a jar of Wild Cherry Chocolate Body Frosting. Lily loves chocolate covered cherries, but if only she knew... She could be licking them right off Hunter!

To enter today, go to www.alyssabrooks.com and sign her guest book with your favorite type of chocolate. Don't forget to read some free short stories while you're there!

Arrested nominated for Golden Rose!

Alyssa Brook's Arrested has been nominated for a Golden Rose Award! If you read it and loved it, vote now at http://www.loveromances.com/goldenrose.html.

Didn't read it? Don't miss out on this hot erotic romance! Check it out now at www.alyssabrooks.com

Double your chance to win from Alyssa Brooks!

Alyssa Brooks wants to give you some peace and quiet for Mother's Day! Enter to win a gift basket full of relaxing items to soothe away stresses, including a CD of music, candles, chocolates, a book on CD, and lots of little goodies!

Two chances to win! Enter by joining her newsletter, Wicked Escapes, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alyssabrooks. Current members are automatically entered! Once you're a member, double your chances by participating in her poll located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alyssabrooks/polls. Deadline May 31st.

And don't forget, by joining you are also automatically entering in the currently running contest, a chance to win a hardback copy of Massage For Lovers!

Three chances to win! And don't forget... It's more than just a newsletter, it's an escape!

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