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What's News Submission    

To submit a posting to the What's News page, please fill out the information below as completely as possible. Please be precise and concise as we want to maintain a newspaper story-type listing to keep readers interested. Keep your listing information to no more than 150 words or it will be returned to you for more editing (cutting).

Your posting will be placed on top and as new postings come in, it will move down the column.

If you want an image of your book to be included in your listing, you need to send a LINK directly to the book cover--NOT a link to the page where your cover appears, but a link to the cover (the link must end in jpg or gif). Your cover must already be on the internet somewhere and just send us the link to where it is, for example a link like "http://www.mundania.com/chetan-thumbnail.jpg" (We need the full URL to the image).

Images must be in JPG or GIF formats. Images can be up to 170 pixels high by up to 120 pixels wide. Links to images that are larger than those dimensions will not be used as the columns on the WHATS NEWS page are set up for that size image. Links that are missing will not be used. If you need help with sizing your image, or placing it somewhere on a website to provide a link to us, you should work with your publisher. A publisher may have a thumbnail image of your cover already on their website, and with their permission, you can send us the link to it (be sure to get permission for the link from whoever has the image--do this prior to submitting).

What's News Category:
Posting Headline:
Image Link:
Like: http://www.mundania.com/chetan-thumbnail.jpg

Posting Message (your instructions):
Blurb (max 150 words):

* Denotes required information. e-mail address must be a valid address, like "[email protected]."

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