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Mac Text-to-Speech    

Mac Text-to-Speech

Here is the information I promised on Mac text-to-speech (text-to-voice) for the EPIC website. I've spent the last two weeks updating all my information, and I've also included the newest Mac OS X information. —Marilynn Byerly

Text-to-Speech for Mac Users

All Macs come with a text-to-speech program. It's called Mac Speech. It can be used with some Mac programs. It is already installed in OS X, but it must be installed from the OS CD in OS 9 and earlier.

Installing Mac Speech (Text-To-Speech)

To install, insert OS CD and click on the Installer. Choose Custom Installation and click on "Text-to-Speech." For more information, go to Apple.com, and do a search for Document #31288.

Choosing the Voice

In OS 8 and 9, to pick the voice, open the Control Panels folder in the Mac menu and find "Speech." In OS X, open the control panel "Universal Access" to set up.

For More Information

American Foundation for the Blind

Common eBook Reader Applications

Adobe Acrobat Reader: The regular version doesn't work with text-to-voice software from Apple or third-party software. The version called Acrobat Reader with Search and Accessibility Option works with Mac Speech and also offers more options like large print. For more information, go here: http://access.adobe.com/

Mac AOL, all versions: Speak Text is available under "Edit" in the Menu.

Mac Netscape: Version 6 doesn't work with text-to-voice software from the Mac. SpellTools does work, however.

Mac WordPerfect: Click "Speech" on the toolbar.

Mac Word: Works with Mac Speech.

Mac AppleWorks 6: The Speech option must be added to the AppleWorks' toolbar. For instructions, go to Apple.com and do a search for a document called "How to Use Text-to-Speech with AppleWorks 6."

Third Party Software:

outSpoken for Macintosh from ALVA Access Group. Designed specifically for the visually impaired.

SpellTools 1.4 for OS 9 and earlier. A spellchecker and text cleaner that has a text-to-speech interface which can be used with some programs without a Mac Speech interface. Works with Mac Internet Explorer, etc. It is no longer updated by creator.

iPod as an Audio eBook Reader

iSpeak It software (http://www.zapptek.com/ispeak-it/) in conjunction with iTunes and Mac text-to-speech turns Word, PDF, RTF, AppleWorks, text and HTML documents into MP3/AAC tracks for the Mac iPod.

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