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Officers & Committees    

2006-2007 Board of Officers

Jane Bierce, EPIC 2006-2007 President President
Brenna Lyons
([email protected])

Carol MacLeod
([email protected])
Carol MacLeod, EPIC 2005-2006 Vice-President

Gail Northman, EPIC 2005-2006 Secretary Secretary
Gail Northman
([email protected])

Barbara Woodward
([email protected])
Daniel J. Reitz, Sr., EPIC 2005-2006 Treasurer

Immediate Past Presidents

2003-2005 Dusty Rhodes [email protected]
2001-2003 Jeff Strand [email protected]
2001 Michele R. Bardsley (1/2 term) [email protected]
2000 Sandra Dugas (1/2 term) [email protected]
1999 - 2000 Betty Kasischke [email protected]
1998 - 1999 Ginny McBlain [email protected]

Appointed Officers

WebMaster Dan EPIC WebMaster and EPIC WebRing
Daniel Reitz
([email protected])

2005- 2006 Committee Chairs

EPPIEs - Anita Gunnufson
2006 EPIC Conference (EPICon) Committee- Betty Kasischke
Public Relations Committee - Brenna Lyons
Publishers Coalition Committee - Karen L. Syed
BY-LAWS Committee - Elise Dee Beraru

Prior and Future EPICon Chairpersons

EPIC Lists

EPIC - List Maven - Elizabeth Delisi.
EPICSocial - Moderator - Brenna Lyons and Bob Rich
EPICBiz - Moderator - Karen Woods

State EPIC Coordinators

Listed below are the COUNTRY/STATE EPIC COORDINATORS that have accepted the position for their areas. If you live in one of these countries/states and haven't been contacted yet by your coordinator, get in touch with them. We want you to be involved. We don't want a single EPIC member to "slip through the cracks."

These EPIC members are to be applauded for accepting this important assignment.

Country EPIC Coordinators

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